This is going to be a long one, we spent nearly 15 hours at Magic Kingdom! The park opened at 8 am, however we had breakfast reservations anyway at 8am, and did not close until midnight! That is a very long day for anyone. At least we did enough steps and we reached our Apple Watch goals for exercise for the day (and then some).

I’m not going to talk about everything that we did, however I will leave a list at the end in case anyone wants to ask any questions, as we can only answer about things that we have done.

I don’t know if it was excitement or what, but I got up dressed and ready within half an hour. This was a very big day, first ever time at Magic Kingdom and with breakfast as well! After a little unplanned detour (we got lost), we finally made it to Magic Kingdom and were in such a rush to get through the park that we missed most of the photo opportunities.

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