Being able to afford random weekends away or day trips out isn’t always easy. Especially considering I work a minimum wage job, and work around 26 hours a week. Combine this with having my own outgoings (such as my car, bills, food, etc) there is not much left over to spend on the month.

I’m writing this blog with a smile on my face because despite my lack of money and complaints, we have just booked another little weekend away and it includes a trip back to where I grew up! I am super excited.

Here I will discuss a number of ways that you can make your money go further and have fun with it. This month I got one of my lowest wages and we are going for 2 long weekends away and have just bought ourselves Merlin Annual Passes. So if you really want to do something you will find a way to do it.

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Planning money is a hard thing as you cannot plan every single moment of the holiday and nor would you want to, however having a good estimate is a great idea so you know just how much to save. It is possibly the number 1 thing as we need to know how much to save each month so that when we get out there we can have a fun and enjoyable holiday without having money worries. I personally work a minium wage job, so knowing how much to save is a priority for me.

After talking about it we decided that we would spend the equivalent of £20 for breakfast, £20 for lunch and £30-40 for dinner – over two weeks this will mean that we will be spending around £980 on food. It won’t always be the case that we eat out, some days we may just have breakfast in our apartment or be too full to have lunch but it is better to over estimate than under estimate and panic when we are out there. As with our Glasgow trip, we will want to just go for dinner and order whatever we want without having to take meal prices into consideration.

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