Better late than never? The end of 2018 and beginning of 2019 have been a little harder than we’d have liked but that shouldn’t stop the blogging! This post is a little insight into what we are going to do and what we would like to do in 2019. 

We hope you all have a fantastic year! 

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This day should be packing, checking out of the hotel, feeling like you’ve forgotten something and heading for the airport.

Well we did our packing 2 days before, because we knew the night before we would be to tired. So it was just a case of putting in the last bits like clothes we’d worn, make up, brushes, toiletries etc. Then do a scan of the place to make sure we have everything, and leave a final tip for housekeeping (we put all the drinks and stuff we had left that hadn’t been opened in a pile on the dining room table along with a cash tip).

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Better late than never with a blog post? Due to it being at the end of the holiday this post comes a couple of days late. Currently I don’t know what day or time my body clock is on, but I do know this was an amazing and super fun day!!

The only park we didn’t make it to on day 13 was Epcot, but we also didn’t actually plan to go to so many parks. It just sort of happened, but it was a great way to bring this holiday to a close.

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 A full 12 hours we spent at Epcot today, and that was a push! 12 hours is slightly overkill for a park the size of Epcot, when you don’t have children. It is only a small park compared to others and after about 8 hours we were trying to find things to do whist waiting for the next fast pass (which was probably our 3rd time on the same ride anyway).


Regardless of this, the park is very very educational and actually a nice fun trip. It’s educational for all ages not just for children but I learnt new things today too. Continue reading

This post is going to be a little different, instead of saying wen went on this and thought it was good or bad or alright, I’m going to talk on a whole about the day as we did so much.

Animal Kingdom is great, before coming here I hadn’t really heard much if anything about it so I was unsure what to expect. However walking in through a rainforest on the hottest day it has been was very true to form. The whole park is themed so well and all of the décor is amazing! I personally couldn’t get over just how fantastic Pandora world really was; I could’ve sat watching the views and walking around all day.

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I’m not going to kid anyone, I started packing about a month ago! Why not? All the clothes I want for Orlando aren’t going to be worn in the Winter in the UK; shorts, t-shirts, sandals etc. But packing over a month in advance does also mean re-packing a few times (maybe 4 or 5 times for me). However it also means you’ll know what things you have forgotten by the third re-pack as well as things you need to go out and buy such as suncream, shaving gel, etc.

You’ll never be finished packing until the morning you leave for the plane but you can be as close as possible!

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Yes! The answer is always yes! At least for me it is, I feel that they are necessary for a Disney trip. However, for the last month or so I keep finding more and more that I like and I feel that 20 pairs of Minnie ears is a bit excessive and a waste of money. Therefore I need to cut it down to 3 or 4 MAXIMUM.

The best place to find custom Mickey and Minnie ears is on, there are hundreds of different designs by independent shops and they will customise them if you request. They have everything from Lion King to Moana to Beauty and the Beast and more. You can also get birthday ears, graduation ears or plain colours or sparkles, the list really seems to be endless!

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