Due to our trip to America being very close, we remembered that we need to book our airport parking.

Now this is more difficult than you may first think! First of all have a look on places such as Quidco* for any cash-back opportunities. To be honest I started this with the attitude of “it’s just parking I can pick anywhere”… Honestly don’t look at it like that because your car is valuable and to be leaving it in a random location for 2 weeks is bigger risk than you think. So you need to be sure you’re happy with the car park you pick, and that you’re happy with the company you leave your (probably) 2nd most expensive purchase with.

You need to consider if your car is likely to get damaged, if you’re happy with the location you’re leaving it and if it will be safe. As well as considerations such as where you’re parking in relation to the airport, will you need to get a transfer bus, will you need to walk a lot?  We explore all of this within this blog post!

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Booking the plane seats, is it really necessary? It’s extra money and there’s a lot to consider, especially with it being an 11 hour flight. You want to be comfortable, know that you can stand up when your legs are getting cramped, watch a film (of your own choice if you decide to take a laptop or tablet). Or do you really care, and just want to pick your seats when you check in for your flight, which can be done up to a month before you fly (at least with Virgin Atlantic). It all depends on how fussy you are really, and who you’re flying with – whether its friends and family or if you’re flying alone.

After booking the holiday there is an option on the Virgin page of our booked holiday that says ‘Book Plane Seats’, once selecting that you see your different options. In a previous post ’11 Hour Flight’ we talked about the costs to Economy, Premium Economy and First Class and the prices and differences that they have.

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When we made our booking for the holiday, as expected, we were given our flight details. We are leaving on 17th January at 11am to start our 11 hour flight. Prior to this flight is the usual dreaded wait, being stuck in the airport, trying to pass the time, trying not to get really bored and complaining because of course we will be going on holiday!

So after making the booking and having a look around the Virgin website we found a deal; as we are flying from Manchester airport, there is something that Virgin call a V-room. The thing about the V-room is there that isn’t a lot online about it other than what Virgin tell us, nevertheless what is on the Virgin website sounds really good.

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