As you can tell we did a lot this day! We already planned to return to Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom as we knew we would want to go back for rides or shows etc. So we did, but we also decided to have a trip to Disney Springs whilst we were there. Not that we’re far away anyway but we may as well.

So the general plan for the day was: Hollywood Studios for rope drop, do the rides we enjoy and have fast passes for, anything else we think of whilst there. Return home for a relaxing lunch and possibly a nap as we have been starting to get tired. Then head to Magic Kingdom for the evening to do rides there, a couple of photo opportunities and watch the fireworks. Then return home. What we actually did:

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I must apologise that we haven’t posted for the last 6 weeks! It feels more like forever but 6 weeks is still a very long time. I got a new job and there was a very long training process, however we should not have excuses.

We have also tried to keep ourselves busy on the weekends, going out, shopping, etc.  One of the things we have done recently, is a trip to Chester Racecourse to celebrate Bonfire Night, or Guy Fawkes night as you may call it!Continue reading