We always like to go somewhere new, have a little adventure and see what we can find in the UK. This week we asked Twitter where we should go and @BritVoyage (her blog is here) suggested the Forest of Bowland. I didn’t realise we had been there before, but only a small part of it, so I had a little look online at what is there and well, this is what we did…

Stepping stones across the river.
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We like to fill January with random days out, especially with ‘January Blues’ it is nice to stay busy. So we randomly came across this ‘secret nuclear bunker’ online – we sometimes just Google ‘things to do in …….’ and pick an area just to see if there’s anything we’ve not done.

The Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker is a former government-owned nuclear bunker located at Hack Green, Cheshire.

The long corridors.
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It’s annoying when you have a free weekend and want to go out but you’re not sure where to go. We get this sometimes, where we try our hardest to think of new places to go to, or things to do and we resort to Google. But sometimes even Google doesn’t really help us.

So we’ve created a list of places in the Northwest of England where we enjoy going, or resort to when we have no-where else to go. So if you’re bored or want to go somewhere new, try out these places. We have visited all of the places on this list so if there are any questions feel free to ask us!

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