A PANTOMIME! Shouts of ‘He’s behind you!!’ ‘Booooo!’ ‘Oh no you’re not!’ and many more, all come from the fabulous fun of a pantomime. Great for all ages, children love to scream and shout and there’s a lot of interaction throughout a pantomime. As well as the x rated comments and random adult jokes that children don’t understand, the pantomime is so much fun!

After searching and searching to find a pantomime that we would all like, and finding one that had enough seats for the dates we wanted, as well as being a reasonable price… We got it down to Peter Pan that was showing at the Epstein Theatre in Liverpool.


Follow the second star on the right and straight on ‘til you reach The Epstein to join Peter, Wendy and The Lost Boys as they dare to battle the evil Captain Hook, in this swashbuckling adventure about the boy who never grew up – full of Pirates, Mermaids, Indians and a devious tick-tocking croc.” 

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Decorating the house for Christmas is something we all love to do, it gives you the Christmassy feel, with music on and testing out the lights before putting them up.


It also helps that my Mum was sent a Christmas tree (REAL TREE) in the post by a friend, that came with lights and decorations. How cute?!



Now I don’t know about anyone else, but I love and would hate to miss out on decorating the house. However I also get very stressed that things aren’t going in the correct place; someone isn’t listening; everyones talking over each other; someone needs a hand etc. There’s always an issue or two and that didn’t change for 2017.

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