Planning money is a hard thing as you cannot plan every single moment of the holiday and nor would you want to, however having a good estimate is a great idea so you know just how much to save. It is possibly the number 1 thing as we need to know how much to save each month so that when we get out there we can have a fun and enjoyable holiday without having money worries. I personally work a minium wage job, so knowing how much to save is a priority for me.

After talking about it we decided that we would spend the equivalent of £20 for breakfast, £20 for lunch and £30-40 for dinner – over two weeks this will mean that we will be spending around £980 on food. It won’t always be the case that we eat out, some days we may just have breakfast in our apartment or be too full to have lunch but it is better to over estimate than under estimate and panic when we are out there. As with our Glasgow trip, we will want to just go for dinner and order whatever we want without having to take meal prices into consideration.

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When we made our booking for the holiday, as expected, we were given our flight details. We are leaving on 17th January at 11am to start our 11 hour flight. Prior to this flight is the usual dreaded wait, being stuck in the airport, trying to pass the time, trying not to get really bored and complaining because of course we will be going on holiday!

So after making the booking and having a look around the Virgin website we found a deal; as we are flying from Manchester airport, there is something that Virgin call a V-room. The thing about the V-room is there that isn’t a lot online about it other than what Virgin tell us, nevertheless what is on the Virgin website sounds really good.

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You know when you wake up knowing it’s your last day of holiday and you have to pack? It’s never as fun doing this packing as it is before you go away. Nevertheless it has to be done! When packing for coming home, we do this very differently! I like to pack as neatly as I did when I left my house, but with dirty and clean clothes separated, however Martin just shoves all the dirty clothes into a bag a zips it shut – everyone’s different.

For the final time, we woke up and got ready for the day. Back to driving today, we had to get the car park ticket stamped at reception to get a discounted price, but it still came to a whooping £47 that we were both very surprised at! When looking at hotels check the parking if you do travel by car and maybe call them up to find out exactly how much it will be if you’re going on a budget. A quick trip for fuel, and a DIY clean for the wind screen because it had that many dead bugs on it, it was hard to see out of the wind screen. Martin made a little mix of coke and water (A LOT more water than coke) and gave it a good scrub.

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Day 3! Our last full day in Glasgow, so why not try any see more of the city? After waking up and getting dressed we discussed getting the Sightseeing tour bus (they operate at a number of cities, not just in the UK) around Glasgow, and using it as a bus for the day to try and go further afield and see what we find. The bus runs about every 20 mins, so operates like a normal bus. We went downstairs again for breakfast at the hotel, and as it has everyday so far the sun was beaming in through the windows. We went online on our phones and booked our tickets (£15 each) for the bus because this was easier than going to find an ATM to get cash out. We went back up to the room and made sure that we had everything in a bag for the day ahead (I carried both of our kag-in-a-bag’s everyday because you never know when the weather will change).

So we left just after 9am to head for the bus stop, and our bus stop was next to this music venue. This music venue looked pretty cool, it has a wagon coming out of the building with a licence plate that says ‘LET U5 IN’.

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After the long walking and never finding an end to the shops and the town we decided that for today we would get the train into town and see how much further we could go. Initially the plan was to hop on the Sightseeing bus, but after a phone call we found out that there is a 10K run and the buses would not be running till 2:30pm. So we opted for the train, as it was only 1 stop, 2 mins and cost £2.50 for both of us (who can complain). Despite getting the train and not walking in, we still did just as much walking as the day before!!

We had a plan, to leave the hotel around 9:30, get into town, have a little walk around and then go to the cinema to see ‘The Mummy’ (we see a new film pretty much every week!!). We booked the film in advance so we knew we would need to get to the cinema for about 11am. When we went and got the train, we got off at Glasgow Queen Street station and walked around the corner, to which we discovered what was both the half way point and the finish line for the 10K run. The 10K was a mens race, and is for male suicide, it is held every year and can be entered online. It was great to stand and cheering people on at the half way line and then about 10 mins later the first people were crossing the finish line – some of them didn’t even look like they had just ran 10k, I was proud of the people passing the 5k mark because I don’t think I would be able to do that!

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We booked this long weekend back in November (after having been to Edinburgh for 4 days), and decided to go Saturday – Tuesday as a nice little get-away.

Knowing it would be around a 4 hour drive (with stops) we decided to leave around 8am. Our check in was at 2 however the decision was made for 8am as it would mean we could go else where on the journey up, and have a look around and then go and check into our hotel. The plan is to leave the car in the car park the whole time we are there as we will be paying for the car park and get a discounted rate per 24hrs (£13 instead of £26). Plus public transport in Glasgow is supposed to be pretty good, we’re also staying really close to the city centre so there shouldn’t really be much of a need to drive.

After packing 2 days early, the only things left were the everyday items such as; make up, hair brush, toothbrush, deodorant, etc (me being me forgot my hair brush and had to buy one from Superdrug, luckily I had lots of Superdrug points to spend!) Loading the car up was an easy job (really glad that my first car is a Meriva and not something with a tiny boot), and off we went. Road trip, to Glasgow!

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Back in October we had gone for a long 4 day weekend to Edinburgh and when we got home we had enjoyed ourselves so much that we decided to book a long weekend again but for Glasgow. So by November, we had a look and made the decision to stay in the town centre this time so we wouldn’t need to drive around.

With the hotel booked we just needed to decide who’s car we would go in and what to pack but this wasn’t decided until the week before. The decision came to me driving as we can both drive my car, which makes it easier.

Now came packing:

I know its June and everything but still packing is hard, especially when you think Scotland is a rainy place. So to be safe I went with a bit of both spring and summer clothes. A few shorts, a couple of skirts and tights just incase it got chilly, and some jeans. I also packed a leather jacket, a hoodie and a suede jacket, simply because I don’t know what to wear.

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It’s 7 months early but we both started to talk about how we want to go to America (this discussion has happened several times in the last 6 months, none being as serious as this one) and to go to Disney World (for me) and Universal Studios (for him). About a week after having just a random look, we booked the hotel, the flights and a car to use while we are out there. January 17th is the leaving date, which means we have 7 months! This is where the planning begins…

Now there are about a thousand things to think about and all the details with them, what car insurance should we go for? Are there any extras we might need? How much money will we need out there? What is everything going to cost? What exactly do we want to do? Is there anywhere specific we want to eat or see?
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