A PANTOMIME! Shouts of ‘He’s behind you!!’ ‘Booooo!’ ‘Oh no you’re not!’ and many more, all come from the fabulous fun of a pantomime. Great for all ages, children love to scream and shout and there’s a lot of interaction throughout a pantomime. As well as the x rated comments and random adult jokes that children don’t understand, the pantomime is so much fun!

After searching and searching to find a pantomime that we would all like, and finding one that had enough seats for the dates we wanted, as well as being a reasonable price… We got it down to Peter Pan that was showing at the Epstein Theatre in Liverpool.


Follow the second star on the right and straight on ‘til you reach The Epstein to join Peter, Wendy and The Lost Boys as they dare to battle the evil Captain Hook, in this swashbuckling adventure about the boy who never grew up – full of Pirates, Mermaids, Indians and a devious tick-tocking croc.” 

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I must apologise that we haven’t posted for the last 6 weeks! It feels more like forever but 6 weeks is still a very long time. I got a new job and there was a very long training process, however we should not have excuses.

We have also tried to keep ourselves busy on the weekends, going out, shopping, etc.  One of the things we have done recently, is a trip to Chester Racecourse to celebrate Bonfire Night, or Guy Fawkes night as you may call it!Continue reading

We like to visit new places, places that you wouldn’t necessarily just think “let’s go there!” After just spending the weekend in London/Windsor/Maidenhead – which was a spontaneous activity packed weekend – we had a relaxing weekend in Sheffield. We stayed Friday – Sunday and enjoyed ourselves!


The Double Tree Hilton Hotel is where we stayed and it was lovely! We were given warm cookies on arrival, which is super cute. Then we walked into a room with the BIGGEST bed ever, and it had another room with a dining table, couch and another TV. It was like our own mini apartment (without the kitchen).

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Legoland is a favourite of ours, we enjoy the park and it always makes for a great day out. If you want to go with kids it is fantastic! You do not have to stay at Legoland, we stayed in Maidenhead which is only a 10 min drive (and significantly cheaper). This was our last day and we knew that we would be going from Legoland back to Liverpool. Legoland is included on our Merlin Annual passes, and last time we had them we went to Legoland several times that year, though it was a lot easier when I was living down there and we didn’t have to pay for a hotel.

After waking up (and not wanting to get up), having a lovely full cooked breakfast (and maybe some pancakes as well, got to be ready for the day) and checking out of the hotel we left for Legoland. It is only about 10 miles away from the Maidenhead Premier Inn, so we would recommend it if you’re wanting to go to Legoland and it not cost you a fortune!

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Last weekend we decided (only about 10 days before) that we wanted to go for a trip to the South of England. I got to choose the hotel and so we went to Maidenhead – as that’s where I grew up and I haven’t been back for a long time.

I did the driving, because I enjoy long distance driving; listening to music and singing along! On the journey down we stopped a few times due to car issues but it also gave us the chance to stretch our legs and get some lunch. There was barley any traffic, given that it was a Friday and we were traveling through rush hour, we got very lucky!

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Yes, we went back to Blackpool again this weekend. We’ve spent a lot of time there recently with ‘Ride the Lights’ and seeing the lights in the car, getting our Merlin Annual Passes and now this weekend going to Sea Life and Madame Tussauds. Blackpool is a fun place, and the big arcade Coral Island has a ride inside it! There is also Blackpool Pleasure Beach if you enjoy rides, and an ice rink if you love to skate.

We never stay over, we usually just go up for the day because it is only an hour drive from us. However you wouldn’t be able to do everything in one day (hence we have been so many times recently). If you do just want to spend the day there then I recommend going to the Tower Circus – you do need to book you seats when you arrive in the morning, just tell the staff which time you would like to go and they will hand you a ticket for the show. You can go out and do other things before the Circus time, you do not have to stay in the tower.

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As a birthday treat we went to Delamere Forest to go on the segways – at Go Ape Delamere Forest. This meant get the GoPro’s charged and take a good hour to pick what mounts we wanted to use. This is a normal thing whenever we do something, we never pick the same mount, and then later one of us regrets it (this time it was me).

The Go Ape website says:

“Delamere Forest is the largest wooded area in Cheshire, stretching out across over 950 hectares of woodland, wetland and open grassland. And its home to our epic adventure with a down-to-earth twist. Cruise and explore the forest floor on one of off road, our all-terrain, self-balancing electric Segways.”

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Blackpool’s ‘Ride the Lights‘ is an evening where prom roads are closed to cars and everyone gets on their push bikes. This is a great and safe way to see the Blackpool Lights, and get a bit of exercise!

It’s a fun evening and a great exercise where you don’t feel like you’re exercising because you’re too busy looking at everything going on. Ride the Lights has been going on for 11 years now, and last year was the first time that Blackpool Pleasure Beach opened up as a route for the event. This means that you can actually cycle through the Pleasure Beach.

It’s only 40 miles away for us, and I did my first one last year and really enjoyed it so I made sure I was able to go again this year! I ordered a mount for my GoPro for my bike handles so I can record the ride, and Martin has one for his helmet – we tried doing this last year with one GoPro but ended up taking a good thousand photos instead of recording, but this time we know how they work.

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