Bowland Wild Boar Park

We always love getting out of the house, especially where animals are involved! This day we actually left the house to go to Ingleton waterfalls, but on the way (and since we were both rather tired) we remembered that we haven’t been to Bowland Wild Boar Park for years! So we had a change of plans and went there instead.

Bowland Wild Boar park is located within the Forest of Bowland National Park, and is great for a day out – especially with children. Entry to the Boar Park is £7.50 (both adults and children over 2 years), or a family ticket is £25 for 2 adults and 2 children OR 1 adult and 3 children. You are also able to camp at the Boar Park, as well as stay at the onsite camping pods (see their website for details).

There are a lot of things to do at the Boar Park including: several different walks, a barrel train, holding and petting chicks/guinea pigs, seeing different animals, try driving a tank, play area and there is a picnic area and cafe.

We love being able to stroke and hold the animals, the guinea pig that we held was pregnant and we were told that if you feel carefully then you can feel the movements of the babies. So cute.

The boar park isn’t huge, it isn’t a zoo. However it is fun and you are able to get close to a lot of different animals, just be careful as always any animal can bite you. There are places to wash your hands after touching the animals, as not to spread germs, so look out for those sinks.

As well as the little cafe and picnic area, there is a small ice cream shop. These are the most flavoursome ice-creams ever! I had a bubblegum ice cream which was green (what colour should bubblegum ice cream be?) and the flavour was so strong I really enjoyed it. You can have your ice cream in either a tub or a cone and you can have 2 flavours if you’d like to.

We enjoy a little visit to the Wild Boar Park, it is something different to do that doesn’t break the bank! Made especially good by the great weather that we had, we also went along the Wild Boar Walk, and stopped to see the different animals. None of the walks are particularly challenging, but they are in some lovely scenery surrounded by animals, so it is worth venturing off to try these walks.

We would definitely recommend a visit if you are able to get there.

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