Our Merlin Annual Passes

So when we renewed our Merlin Annual Passes (August 2018) we went for the Premium pass. This is because at the time of renewal is was on a deal that was hard to refuse 13 months for the price of 12 – at a discounted rate – and came with a photo pass for all parks! Carry on reading to find out the perks of a Premium pass, why we benefited from an upgrade and how much we have done in the last year with our passes.

So the benefits of having a Premium Merlin Annual Pass instead of a standard pass are as follows:

  • Parking included at; Alton Towers, Thorpe Park, Chessington World of Adventures, Legoland and Warwick Castle.
  • Minimal restrictions.
  • Bring 3 friends (each) for £15 to any attraction.
  • £5 off a fast pass at each of the following: Alton Towers, Thorpe Park and Chessington World of Adventures.

General advantages of having a Merlin Annual Pass are:

  • Early entry into Alton Towers (half an hour before general public, with specific rides open for Early Ride Time – see Alton Towers website for details).
  • Gives you something to do when you are otherwise bored.
  • Great price if you use more than 4 times throughout the year.
  • Can pay monthly for the pass (starts at £8.99 per month).
  • Friends and Family discounts.
  • Discounts on food, drinks and merchandise.
The Rapids at Thorpe Park

We have done so much since having our passes, and we have saved a tremendous amount. However we kept saying “let’s go to Alton Towers/Blackpool Tower/Sea Life etc” almost every weekend. As fun as it has been and we have really enjoyed ourselves, we have found that we choose to do Merlin attractions before anywhere else simply because we have the cards. So we have decided not to renew our cards this year.

We would still say they are great to have and would encourage people to get one if you think you will go to the parks/Sea Life centres/ Madame Tussauds throughout the year. The benefits are well worth it, especially with the premium pass!

Tiger Crossing at Chessington World of Adventures

In the last year (up till mid August 2019) we have done the following – including parking where applicable:

  • Alton Towers X 9 (*£39 each time per person)
  • Blackpool Sea Life & Madame Tussauds x1 (*£25 each time per person)
  • Blackpool Tower, Ballroom, Circus & Dungeon X8 (*£15 each time per person)
  • Legoland X1 (*£36 each time per person)
  • Thorpe Park x2 (*£40 each time per person)
  • Chessington World of Adventures X2 (*£36 each time per person)
  • Warwick Castle X1 (*£26 each time per person)
  • London Eye and Madame Tussauds X1 (*£53 each time per person)

*These prices are based on the best discount that you can get on any given day at these attractions and not the full on the gate price.

To view a video of one of our trips to multiple parks click here.

This is a total of £763! And we still have a month left! This doesn’t include the fact we got a free digi pass with our passes, plus all the discount we have had at restaurants on these days out. We only paid £140 each for our passes and have both used them for more than £763 worth of fun. That is an amazing saving over the year, plus all of the fun that we have had.

So we highly recommend these passes (click here to purchase your pass, but don’t forget to check for deals online first) and as stated we are only not renewing ours as we feel like we have done all of these parks and would like to go out and do other things. However with all of these park trips we have learnt the best way round the parks to get on the most amount of rides and have posted about this previously.

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