Day in Paris

When we went to Disneyland Paris we wanted to spend a day actually seeing Paris. So we did just that, we got up went down to the train station and this is where the day started.

We could not figure out what ticket we wanted or what direction we were heading in. We stood at the ticket machine and had a look through our options; we bought the Mobilis ticket that covered 5 zones. This allowed us to get around Paris for the day. Then we needed to figure out which direction we were heading, we ended up going into the information centre and asking about which way we wanted to go. Unfortunately the woman in the information centre didn’t speak English so we tried our best to explain where we wanted to go. She very kindly walked us over to the barriers and showed us how they worked. 

The Mobilis ticket can cover from 1 to 5 zones depending on where you are going. The Mobilis ticket allows for unlimited usage for the day on the metro, RER, tram, bus and train and can be purchased from any Metro, RER and tramway stations. The cost of the Molbilis ticket is as follows; for 2 zones €7.50, for 3 zones €10.00, for 4 zones €12.40 or for  all 5 zones €17.80. These are adult prices and they do differ for anyone under the age of 24.

We eventually got on a DOUBLE DECKER TRAIN – for the first time in my life, can you tell? And were heading for Paris. Thus far, I must say it hadn’t really rained…

On the train journey we were searching about which stop to get off at to walk to the Eiffel tower and found one that Google maps said was 20 mins walk to the Eiffel tower. Great!

Can you see the rain hitting the floor?!

This is NOT what happened. We first of all couldn’t find a way out of the station, and when we did get out we weren’t sure which way to go so just started walking. We got maps loaded on our phones and were following that, however the walk suddenly went up to 40 minutes, but we figured that still wasn’t bad.

Until… The heavens opened, and I have never seen so much rain fall from the sky in one go! It was a seriously strong down pour of water. So much so we had to stop at a bus stop to have a break from the rain. It was ridiculous; luckily we both had coats on with hoods else I think I’d have cried.

After what felt like forever in the rain (I think it was maybe an hour or so??) we were walking past Notre Dame. So we wondered over to have a look, unfortunately it was only weeks after the fire so we were unable to get up close. In fact the majority of the surrounding roads were shut off due to repairs taking place.

Despite the fact that we had a Mobilis ticket that meant we could get any bus or train… We carried on walking in the pouring down rain. Really was pouring down, I cannot express enough just how much rain came out of the sky on this walk!!

Next stop the Eiffle tower? Well, this 20 minute walk that turned into 40 minutes, turned out to be more like 3 hours… We walked for 3 hours across Paris in the pouring rain, we did see some sights along the way but due to being cold and wet we didn’t really stop.

Now I would like to say the weather cleared and we started to dry off. However, we went and purchased our tickets to go up the tower (€25.50 for adults, €12.70 for ages 12-24) and queued to get the lift up to the first section. I’ve never been up the Eiffel tower and I didn’t actually know how many different sections there were; so you get the first lift to the open area (this was soooooo cold and super windy when we were up there), then you need to queue to get the next lift up to the top (you will see another section on your way up the tower and you can access this on the way back down), the top section is enclosed with some stairs going up to outside, we didn’t go outside but on a clear day this would’ve been nice, then on the way back down there is a third section.

This third section has a restaurant, a café, a shop and a glass floor so you can see down to the ground if you so wish. We went and had a baguette each, a chocolate mouse (which was sooo delicious) and a drink, which came to €26 for us both from the cafe. Whilst we were sat eating the rain suddenly got really really heavy and it got very dark outside. We had a little look round the shop (it wasn’t great) and then had a sit down just being out of the rain. When suddenly there was a flash of light, and thunder, and the tower swaying in the wind.

We were up the Eiffel tower in the middle of a thunderstorm! It was a bit scary, but at least we were inside staying dry. After the thunder and lightning stopped we decided that was the best time to head back to the bottom of the tower and find the nearest station to get the train back to the hotel – because we were not doing another 3 hour walk back to the other station.

Despite getting off the train really far away from the Eiffel tower, it was nice to walk round and see Paris. It was such a shame that the weather was so awful because it could’ve been a lot nicer if we weren’t both soaked through. Nevertheless we both enjoyed the day, and I can finally say that I have been to Paris and been up the Eiffel tower!

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