Disney’s Newport Bay Club Hotel

During our first visit together to Disneyland Paris, we decided to book through Magic Breaks as the website offered the best prices at the time of booking. After some deliberation we decided to stay at the Newport Bay Club hotel. There are many hotel choices available to you when staying close to the parks, so have a look at all of them and decide what’s best for you. They do vary in offerings and prices fairly significantly, so do some proper research before you pick one.

View of Newport Bay Club Hotel from the lake

For us, it was either going to be this hotel, or the Disneyland Hotel. When we compared the pros and cons of each, the Disneyland Hotel just simply wasn’t worth the extra cost. The Disneyland Hotel was going to cost about £300ish more than Newport Bay Club hotel, and this was just for the “standard” room. We didn’t want to stay in a standard room, and wanted to stay in a Club Level room (more about that later). When we took this into account, staying in the Disneyland Hotel would have cost an extra £1500.

The Newport Bay Club hotel is a 10 minute walk to the Disney Village, and about a 15 minute walk to either of the parks. It would take about 15 minutes to walk from the train station to the hotel, but there is a free shuttle bus that operates every 15 or so minutes between the two. If you do decide to walk from the station to the hotel, or vice versa, you have two options – 1) you can walk through Disney Village, 2) you can walk via the main road. Both ways are totally possible and take about the same time. If you go via the village you will have to go through a security check, which is simply a body scanner and an luggage x-ray machine.

The bus stop for Newport Bay Club hotel is at the very far end of the bus station (which is adjacent to the train station), you will need to come out of the train station, locate the bus station and walk to the very end of it to find the Newport Bay Club hotel stop – the end where the buses come in from the main road. It’s also worth noting that the bus station right next to it is for Sequoia Lodge hotel, and very often the buses will stop at either of these stops, and drop off and pick up from both of the hotels. Watch for the bus coming in, and if the sign on the front says Newport Bay Club and it simply goes straight past your stop and goes to the Sequoia Lodge stop, don’t be surprised. Simply check with the driver.

Newport Bay Club hotel is large, very large. In fact, it has over 1000 rooms of various specification, and size. It has nautical theming with colourful “port-hole” style décor in the rooms, custom designed flooring and bedding all referencing back to Disney.

Double room

The hotel has a sauna, a fitness center, and both indoor and outdoor pools. The hotel also has its own restaurant, and bar. It was totally renovated in 2016, and has a a 4 key Disney rating (similar to 4 star)

We decided we wanted to stay at “Compass Club Level” to add some extra magic to our stay. Compass Club Level offers some additional benefits over a regular stay and obviously has a price tag to match.

If you stay at this level, your room is located on either floor 7 or 8 of the hotel, this usually means that the floors are quieter. To us, this isn’t a particular important feature, but its one to keep in mind. A lot of the Compass Club rooms have good views, either over the front of the hotel or the lake. Our particular room didn’t have a very good view to be honest, and overlooked the side of the hotel, this seemed to be an area where bins and other items were stored. Not good, but not terrible. Further into the distance there seemed to be mainly trees and woodland area, which helped to improve the view somewhat.

When staying Compass Club Level you are entitled to an “exclusive” check in area, only available to Compass Club guests. This was a massive benefit to us, as general check in had a huge queue when we arrived, and seemed very busy at most days and times in general. I would say on a bad day, general check in could easily take an hour or two. Our check-in was swift, meaning that as soon as we had checked in and left our luggage, we could enter the parks. As we checked in at around 10am our room wasn’t yet available, we returned later at around 3pm to find that our room was now available.

Another benefit of staying Compass Club Level was a dedicated lounge area. This area was the same location that breakfast was served in the morning. Compass Club guests have access to a breakfast area separate to the other guests, you could turn up for breakfast at any time, whereas other guests had to pre-book a breakfast slot. Breakfast was good, and offered a wide range of hot and cold foods, juices, tea, coffee, water and smoothies.

Lounge area

From 12noon until 10pm the lounge was also open for soft drinks, tea and coffee. You could turn up, present your access card and walk in. Once you enter the lounge you are able to self-serve from a wide range of options. We often found ourselves visiting during this time and collecting a couple of cans of soft drink to take back to the room. Seeing as you are in Disney, a 330ml can of Coke can easily cost you a couple of euros, so getting them as part of your room rate really helped to save some money.

From 4pm – 5.45pm you could access the lounge for afternoon snacks. This consisted of fruit, nuts, breads, mini sandwiches, hot and cold drinks, sweets and deserts. It was nice to nip back to the hotel in the afternoon, we often had some snacks and drinks, freshened up in our room, and then returned to the parks for the evening feeling refreshed. Again, having these snacks in our room rate meant that we perhaps didn’t buy as many in the parks during the afternoon. We often also found that these snacks, coupled with the large breakfast meant we only needed to have a small lunch.

Some of the sweet treat snacks that are available

Another benefit of staying at this level was the turndown service. Not a major benefit for me personally, but it was a nice touch. The service would close your curtains for you, turn on the TV, and get your bed ready. On a few occasions the service also folded up PJ’s for us that we had left out. They would also leave a couple of Disney themed chocolate coins on our pillow.

Coins provided at turn down

It wasn’t a benefit of Compass Club Level as such, but our hotel did offer character meets each morning. This is a great benefit, as you get to meet several popular characters, often without a huge queue. We met both Mickey and Donald during our stay, and each queue length was probably a maximum of 10 minutes. If you arrived early (7.30am) there would be no queue at all, and you would be the first to meet the character. This will also allow enough time for you to use your extra magic hours (if they are in the morning) in the parks.

Finally, perhaps the most beneficial benefit was the fact that for each day of your stay, you received on fast pass per person. These fast passes don’t need to be pre-booked like the standard ones, and you can turn up to any fast pass ride and jump the main queue. This meant that we got 5 more fast passes that we would have if we had stayed at standard level – 5 additional rides that perhaps we wouldn’t have had chance to do otherwise. This, coupled with the fact that you get Extra Magic Hours for staying in a Disney hotel (you get to enter the parks earlier than those not staying at a Disney hotel) meant that we got to do every single ride and attraction we wanted to, without ever having to queue for very long. We rode several of the rides multiple times, which was an amazing benefit for us. After all, you are paying a lot of money to visit Disney, so you really do want to see and do as much as you can.

A standard Fast Pass

Overall, Newport Bay Club Hotel is a really good hotel, it’s not the cheapest but its also not the most expensive. The close proximity to the parks, the quality of the rooms, and the additional benefits we received whilst staying Compass Club Level made for an amazing stay and we would certainly return again!

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