Packing for Disneyland Paris

We have just 7 days till we’re heading to Disneyland Paris! We are both super excited, we’ve been missing Disney since we got back from America last year and having this holiday to look forward to has been great. Now is the time to start packing. So this post is going to be all about what we are packing and why.

Trying not to forget anything is hard!

I don’t understand people who pack the day before they leave. We are super organised, we both like to know that we have everything that we might need. I like to plan out my outfits well in advanced and check all my toiletries (just incase I need to go out and buy something). We are going to Disneyland for 5 days, and will be spending a day actually in Paris sight-seeing.

Some of the key things that we are packing include: Clothes (obviously), Mickey Ears (a must when going to Disney), toiletries, kags (for the unexpected rain), cameras (because we always take around 100 photos a day on holiday), chargers (for all of our electronics), travel adapters (for obvious reasons) and our Monzo card.

We love our Monzo card, you can use it in several different countries and it automatically changes to the local currency. It also uses the best exchange rate on that day. We originally got our Monzo card to use in America so that we weren’t carrying a lot of cash, but since then we have been using it in the UK and Berlin and now Paris. I’d say it is one of the best things that we have got and we use it a lot.

Okay so (as of publishing) it’s only 4 days…That’s still 4 days to many!!

I feel sure that I will forget to pack something, because I always do! But for me, as long as I have my phone, camera, chargers, adapters and Mickey Ears then I will be happy. Choosing which ears to take has proven hard. So I’m taking 5 out of 6 of the ears that I own, the only reason I’m not taking the 6th pair is because I don’t have a good outfit for them (thats a good enough reason).

I have chosen different Disney outfits for each day including: Mickey Mouse Levi’s top with Levi’s jeans and my Mickey black ears, Winnie the Pooh top with shorts and my black and gold ears, Mickey Mouse tights with shorts and a Disney top (still deciding which one) with my rose gold ears, Stitch t-shirt with shorts and Mickey tights with Stitch ears and I want to get a spirit jersey (still deciding on the colour) to go with shorts and my absolute favourite ears – Tangled ears by Luby and Lola!

My Tangled ears by Luby and Lola in Animal Kingdom.

The hardest part is deciding on outfits, especially if you have a lot of Disney clothes like me. It’s harder to decide what to leave at home, but even harder is picking an outfit for going into Paris in! Luckily I have been thinking about my outfits for like a month so I am super prepared.

We will be posting on Twitter and Instagram whilst we are away so if you want to see what we are doing then please give us a follow.


  1. Those Tangled Ears are awesome!!!! We are hoping to go to Disney next year, not sure if Paris or Disney World yet though. My problem would be the amount of stuff I would come back with so saving some room.

    1. I thought that before going to Disney World last year and I didn’t bring back half as much as I thought I was going to. But what I usually do is bin my socks, pj’s and some tops so I have space on the way back 🙂 x

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