Glasgow & Back in a Day?

We are always looking at where we can go on a day trip, and I’m convinced we’re just challenging ourselves to see how far away from home we can get and back in a day, and have a fun day out. For Easter Friday, Glasgow was the city of choice!

It’s not a secret that we love going to Scotland, or that we enjoy a good car journey. In the last 3 weeks we have done several 200+ miles (each way) journeys. I will be doing another post soon about staying entertained on these car journeys – even adults can get bored in the car. However for now this is about going to Glasgow for the day (and returning home before the day is up).

We have been to Glasgow twice before, so we have seen most of what we want to see there anyway. This makes it a lot easier as you’re then not trying to cram a lot into a short space of time. Any trip like this will call for a super early start… Like 5am (or earlier if you want more time at your desired location).

So with a 5am wake up and a 6am start on the road, we set off for Scotland (again). We stopped at our all-time-favourite services Tebay. Tebay is a farm shop services and we love it, worth the stop if you’re driving past. After this we only stopped because I wanted a Irn Bru (I always have an Irn Bru in Scotland), before getting into Glasgow and out the car just after 10am. Not bad, 200+ miles in 4 hours with 2 stops.

Like I mentioned above we have been to Glasgow before, so we just wanted to go for a stroll around and we did. It’s such a lovely city and it stunning in the sunshine. The streets were filled with buskers and we found ourselves stopping to listen to them. The old buildings and statues make walking around really nice, we had previously been on a bus tour around Glasgow so we had seen most of it before. This just meant that we knew our way around.

It was becoming a very very warm day, which led to us getting a frozen Coke from Burger King. Not all Burger Kings do them, but they are 1000% better than any other slush (other than an Icee but we don’t have them in the UK apart from in Chessington World of Adventures). You can get either a Frozen Coke or a Frozen Fanta, and they’re easy to drink, cool you down but don’t give you a brain freeze (something to do with it being carbonated). If you find yourself getting warm, find out if your nearest Burger King sells frozen drinks.

After spending over 3 hours walking around the town, we jumped back in the car and went to Intu Breahead – a bit of indoor air-con is always a good idea on a hot day. We actually ended up playing Foosball just because it was there (and free),and enjoyed it. It has kind of made me want a foosball table though…?

We left the Intu shopping centre to head for one of our favourite places, Denny’s! Denny’s in Glasgow is a bit awkward to get to and I suppose you do need to drive to get to it. However you can never fault the food. We thought that it was going to be super busy because of the bank holiday weekend, so we booked a table just incase. However when we got there it was the total opposite, I suppose everyone must’ve been enjoying the sunshine because there was only about 5 or 6 tables of people.

We both had a breakfast – because you can always have breakfast at Denny’s, and then what we really wanted was to try the Easter pancakes! They were as nice as they look. If you’re able to get to a Denny’s before the Bank Holiday weekend is up, then do try these pancakes. They also do an Easter milkshake, but we were to full to try it, so if you do let us know if it was as nice as the pancakes please.

All full up and having walked a lot, we decided it was time to take a leisurely drive back home. We left Denny’s around 4:30/5pm (I think, I can’t fully remember the time). It was a nice drive home, the motorway back from Scotland is always such a wonderful drive because of the scenery! We did stop three times on the way back because I had really restless legs and kept wanting to just stand up. We went to Tebay (south bound) for the first time, it was nice but the North Bound services are much nicer.

We got home just before 9pm, which is good going. There were almost no cars on the roads both there and back which really helped for time. We enjoyed our day trip out to Glasgow, but it does take it’s toll and we were both absolutely shattered when we got home. Nevertheless it is doable if you are willing to get up and out early enough.

Let us know what you are up to this Bank Holiday weekend and don’t forget we are always posting on Instagram and Twitter about what we are doing.


  1. Sounds like you had a fab and full day out! Glasgow sounds lovely, and I bet the Easter sunshine made it all the better. I’ve never been to Glasgow (or Scotland) but would love to visit one day. How long did it take you to drive there? I don’t know if a day trip from Leeds would be feasible, but that means I could extend it for a mini break and stay over!
    Also, the pancake looks amazing!

    Thanks for sharing,

    Aimsy xoxo

    1. Oh you could do it in a day but would have to get up super super early and be willing to have a very late night. Alternatively you could go and stay for the night, there’s a Premier Inn that one the edge of Glasgow city centre which was cheap when we went a couple of years ago and we walked into the centre from there (this was Pre-Denny’s though, you would have to drive to Dennys) 🙂 xx

  2. Oh. My. Gosh. Our Denny’s has nothing like those pancakes!!
    I’ve always wanted to come to Glasgow! Sometimes I get so jealous of europeans because it’s much cheaper to country hop than here!

    1. These were Easter special pancakes and were only available leading up to Easter, but they were soooo nice! Ahhh you should come over to the UK, you could visit England, Scotland and Wales in just a few days. Although we’d love to get back to America, we absolutely loved it when we visited last year. I suppose its one of those ‘wanting what you can’t have’ things? 🙂

  3. Ugh, as an American, I’ve ALWAYS wanted to go to Scotland, so I truly savored this post! I wish I lived in England so I could literally drive a day and visit another country (we have Canada and Mexico, but those are kind of long drives to get to for most of the country!). And those pancakes!!!! I have literal heart eyes!

    1. Ahhh see we loved America when we were there, like we had such a ball we want to return ASAP. I have to admit it is nice to be able to drive into Wales within like an hour, and technically we can get to Scotland within 3 hours. We really enjoy going to Scotland, Glasgow and Edinburgh are such pretty cities. You should come to the UK, you could do 3 countries in 3 days if you really wanted to (and actually see parts of those countries). 🙂 – The pancakes were delicious!!

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