Nearly Theme Park Season

Soon all the theme parks in the UK will be open again for the season. Places such as Blackpool Pleasure Beach and Chessington World Of Adventures are already open. This post will include our hints/tips for going to the theme parks and what we like to do/prep before we go.

Wicker Man – Alton Towers

When we go to any theme park we like to be prepared, and this is how we do it:

  • If we know we are going on any water ride ( that gets you really wet – not the rapids), we take flip flops with us. Keep your shoes and socks dry in your bag, and put flip flops on for the ride. When you’re off the ride your feet will dry really quickly and you can put your socks and shoes back on without feeling really uncomfortable. Or you can take a small hand towel and dry yourself off before putting your shoes back on.
  • Recently we both got waterproof Craghopper pants. Last season we got stuck on Thirteen at Alton Towers and the heavens opened! We were stuck sat outside getting wet through. I was wearing jeans and a hoodie and got completely soaked. I didn’t get dry all day long. So hopefully these pants will be a great investment, especially if it looks like it’s going to be a rainy day in the parks.
  • I would highly recommend either taking a bottle of water with you or buying a refill bottle if the park offers it. We have annual pass bottles so we get refills in all the Merlin parks for 75p (per refill). This was one of the best purchases for us! It means we’re not spending a fortune on drinks throughout the day.
Rapids – Legoland

Here are a few things we do at the parks to optimise our time:

  • First of all we check if we can get early entry with our passes, and if we can then we make sure to use this time as best we can. This is best used to get onto rides that you know are going to have a long wait later in the day. If you don’t get early entry then the best thing to do is to head straight for the most popular rides first, this way you should hopefully have a smaller wait and can therefore go on more rides during the day.
  • If possible (and affordable) check to see if the park has closer/priority parking. This is usually at a more expensive fee however it can prove to be worth it, especially if you don’t get early access to the park.
  • Check if the rides have staggered opening times. Last season at Alton Towers rides such as Thirteen, Rita and Galactica all opened around 11am, but the park opened at 10am. This meant that we could go on a popular ride first (such as Wicker Man), and then go to another ride (such as Thirteen) and not really have to queue for either. So if ride openings are staggered then you can plan your day around this and try to get to the ride just before it opens to ensure minimum waiting time.
  • We try to go for lunch a bit earlier than everyone else as almost everywhere gets full around 11:30am-1:30pm. This way you have had your lunch, are nice and full, and can get on more rides whilst everyone else is eating their lunch. Note: this doesn’t always work, especially during the summer when the parks are near capacity limits.

Nemesis Inferno – Thorpe Park

For more tips check out our post here.

If there’s anything you do, or take with you to theme parks let us know!

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