10 Things We Always Carry…

No matter where we go whether thats a; day trip, holiday, staycation, road trip, anywhere, we have 10 things that we ALWAYS carry with us. Now this isn’t an exhaustive list, it also isn’t the only things we carry (some things are day/holiday dependant), but it is a list of our personal essentials. The reason for this list is a simple ‘what do you not like to leave the house without?’ Feel free to answer that question in the comments. 🙂

My ‘must haves’ wherever I go.

So, I carry a bag everywhere we go – not always a big bag, and not always a back pack. Sometimes I take just a small bag if we’re going on a little day trip or shopping trip somewhere not far away. I’m not including a purse/wallet, keys or phone in this list as those are standard to everyone everyday.

5/10 of what I always carry.
  1. Moisturiser – you never know when dry skin is going to strike! I always carry moisturiser because it is handy to have, plus sometimes your skin can get dry from the outside elements. I have a tiny 50ml bottle of Simple that I keep in my bag, and I top it up instead of always buying small bottles. In the past I have forgotten to pack moisturiser for an over-night stay, but later remembered that I had a mini moisturiser in my bag.
  2. Lip Balm – Specifically a Carmex tin. It’s small, easy to store in my bag and great if you feel like you have chapped lips coming on. Especially in the winter and with cold winds, lips always feel dry and chapped (at least mine do), therefore I carry a lip balm so I don’t end up with cracked bleeding lips. Sometimes I feel really irritated with dry lips and I try to use a Lush Lip Scrub everyday to tackle this – the flavours are so nice it’s like having a tiny snack.
  3. Pens – Any pens, although mine are always at least 1 black pen and usually 1 Sharpie. No I don’t know why I carry a Sharpie, but you never know when you might need one. I always carry a pen incase I need to note something down or sign something (I have no idea what but when the day comes I will be prepared). Also I do not carry paper so said ‘note’ would end up being on my hand – I understand most people would probably use their phones but I prefer to write with a pen if I have the choice.
  4. Tissues – You can’t plan for needing a tissue so carrying them all the time is useful. What if you spill something on yourself? Or fall over and get muddy? Or randomly sneeze? You will need a tissue then. The worst time to not have a tissue… If you’ve been to a public toilet and they don’t have any toilet roll, just grab the tissue from your bag – problem solved.
  5. 4Head – I love my 4Head, you can get this from Boots, Superdrug, and any superstore in the medication section. It’s a small tube with a twist up stick that you rub on your forehead when you have a headache. Honestly it doesn’t look like it’d do anything, but for me it works wonders. I’m not keen on taking tablets unless I really need to so this is my go to for headaches. It’s really small too so again it fits great in my bag.
  6. Paracetamol/Ibuprofen – I always carry tablets, mainly because if either of us is aching or suffering for any reason then I have tablets to hand and don’t have to go searching. This is particularly helpful if we’re out walking in a park or somewhere similar and we know that there are no shops nearby (at least not ones that would sell tablets). Having a dull ache and not being able to do anything about it is the worst and can make you angry without you realising. So having the chance to grab a tablet and relieve that pain as soon as possible means you can have a fun and happy day!
  7. Re-useable Shopping Bag – You never know when you’re going to come across a shop and want to buy something. Yes you can just get a 5p plastic bag from the shop, but I prefer to try and use my re-usable shopping bags if I can. This saves money and saves on all this non-recyclable plastic. I have this cute sheep bag (that M really doesn’t like) where the bag stuffs into the sheeps body, this makes it really handy and small, so easy to store in a small bag along with everything else.
  8. Hair Brush – Not a full sized hair brush, a small one. This only actually happened after being outside during strong winds and ending up buying a mini hair brush from Primark just so I could brush my hair. However since then I have always carried this brush, I hate feeling like I have knotty, messy hair.
  9. Nail File – When we stopped at the services once I saw these cute ‘match box’ nail files, and since I saw them I have kept them in my bag. You don’t plan to break a nail, it just happens right? So many times I have broke/chipped a nail and needed a nail file and we’ve been in the middle of no-where. These are kind of ‘one time use’ nail files, but they’re so small and light I don’t mind having to throw them away after each use.
  10. Hand Sanitiser – I’m sure I never used to be so bothered by germs etc, but I am now. I actually bought a little case (from Bath and Bodyworks) for my hand sanitiser so it clips onto the outside of my bags and is easy to get to. Far too often I find I’ve touched something thats a little sticky, or felt a bit dirty from holding something and felt the need for my hand sanitiser. I honestly think I’d be a bit lost without it. It’s great, especially if you’re unable to get to a sink for whatever reason. I got mine from Bath and Bodyworks when we went to America because I absolutely love the smell of them – however you can get some nice smelling ones from The Body Shop.
The other 5/10 of what I always carry.

Most of these (and more) fit into a little carry case in my bag, and I just transfer that between bags when I use a different one. The Benefit little carry case I use came with some miniature make-up that I got a couple of years ago, however you can still get these anywhere that sells Benefit. Also all the liquids are under 100ml which makes it easier when traveling via plane, as I can just slip these into a sealable plastic bag ready for security.

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  1. A majority of these things I always have on me also, especially pens! I don’t know what it is but I always have a few pens on me – like you said, you never know when you’ll need one!

    Sarah | getupgetaway.com

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