Our Denny’s Dining Experience – Glasgow

As explained in our previous post ‘Why Denny’s Diner?‘ we enjoy dining at Denny’s and we love the journeys we have to make to physically get there too. This post is going to be all about our experience at Denny’s Glasgow. I will tell you now that our recent visit was gifted, as Denny’s very kindly paid for all of our food. However we loved Denny’s before this, and we still love them! We would have still visited Denny’s and we would have still posted this blog even if we had paid for the meals ourselves.

The Denny’s Glasgow sign sits on top of a huge fork. It looks great at night!

Our drive up to Glasgow took about 4 hours, having stopped at our favourite services along the way. We left at 6am and made it to Glasgow for 10am. We already knew that we weren’t going to want Denny’s that morning so we had already got a table booked for 4:30pm that afternoon. We decided on 4:30pm as we wanted to go to the cinema after our meal and didn’t want to have a crazy late night – this worked out perfectly!

When we arrived at Denny’s (the staff didn’t know who we were, and thought we were “regular” customers which was great) we were welcomed and taken straight to a table. The staff members that saw us first were so lovely and quick to ask if we had eaten there before or knew what drinks we would like. You would think this to be standard practise for any restaurant/diner but we have been to places that haven’t been this friendly.

This is our Peanut Butter and Vanilla Milkshakes.

Personally I had been thinking all week about Denny’s Peanut Butter Milkshake so this was the first thing I ordered and M ordered a Vanilla Milkshake. Honestly I think if you go to Denny’s you must get a milkshake they are sooooo yummy!

We were soon greeted by the UK Operations Manager – Mike. He was friendly and welcoming, we both really enjoying having a chat about Denny’s and the future of Denny’s UK with him. Mike told us that our food would be on them and that he had some surprises for us. Honestly this was the most surreal thing we’ve ever done, but we had fun while we were there. Mike then brought over Myles who is the Regional Chef Trainer, Myles was friendly and very attentive.

Myles asked us if there was anything on the menu that we hadn’t tried or wanted to try and he would cook up a sample for us. It’s not everyday you get the Regional Chef Trainer offering to cook whatever you want! This was sort of a big ‘wow’ for us. In total we ordered the following;

  • Applewood Burger,
  • BBQ Chicken Skillet,
  • Mozzarella Sticks,
  • Hash Browns with Bacon,
  • Cheese Quesadilla,
  • Bacon Cheddar Tots.
No we didn’t eat it all. To see closer pictures of the food we had head over to our Instagram.

Sounds like a lot of food? Yes it was a lot, we filled the table with food. However we did make some changes as there were things we didn’t like such as mushrooms etc. We were expecting Myles to cook us small samples of these dishes, however we ended up with full sized everything. Needless to say we couldn’t finish it all but we did try everything that was brought out to us. After being able to taste the things we hadn’t had before we can now say that we would order anything off the menu.

The burger was really nice, and although neither of us would normally opt to have an applewood sauce this one was delicious. The chicken on the skillet was possibly the best chicken I’ve ever eaten, it was crumbly but moist which was perfect. The cheese quesadillas are very simple but very nice and I have to say next time I go to Denny’s I will be ordering these. There’s something about a simple dish that always works, I don’t think restaurants/diners need to go over the top to please their customers and Denny’s is a perfect example. The menu is simple enough to please everyone but they do incorporate different things such as spices in the syrup with the chicken and waffles and offering loaded Tots.

Don’t know what Tots are? I’ll tell you, it’s basically Denny’s hash browns (grated potato), with cheese (and ours had bacon, this is on the menu) rolled into a ball and cooked. The loaded version is topped with Cheddar cheese, Pepper Jack queso, seasoned nacho meat, bacon, jalapeños and sour cream.

Bacon Cheddar Tots – Very yummy.

We also met the Glasgow Operations Manager – Andy. Andy came over to us and introduced himself straight away and he was so friendly and happy and welcoming, so much so that he wanted us to go back for breakfast. Again Andy was great to chat to and he seemed genuinely interested in chatting to us. The Restaurant Manager, Kelly, also introduced herself and asked if we could take a photo with a couple of the staff members under the Denny’s sign, which we were more than happy to oblige. Kelly like everyone else we met was great, she also made sure to check up on us during our visit to make sure that we were enjoying ourselves.

After a food break and having a chat to a few different people and having a little walk about, Myles and Mike then told us that they were cooking up their Valentines Day Waffles for us! This was sweet, not only did Denny’s offer to pay for our meal for us, they allowed us to taste things from the menu we haven’t had before AND they cooked us the Valentines Day Waffles that weren’t on the menu yet. We have to say how grateful we are that Denny’s did this for us.

Valentines Day – Red Velvet Waffles!!

The Valentines Day Waffles are red-velvet waffles with a cream cheese icing and icing sugar on top, with a dark chocolate dip. My mouth was watering when I was told what went into this dish, let alone when I saw it on the plate!! Honestly it tasted better than it looks and it looks so yummy. I could eat these all day long – I wasn’t keen on the dark chocolate dip, but I’m not a dark chocolate person and this didn’t spoil the waffles at all.

We were fed and fed and fed until we were about to pop. Denny’s really do like to feed people. After everything that we had eaten, and the Valentines Day Waffles were taken away, Myles asked us if there is anything else we would like and at this point a food coma had fully set in!! So we were done for the night, and went to the cinema to let all that food settle before heading back to the hotel.

The next morning we returned to Denny’s for breakfast after all the staff were so welcoming. As soon as we entered the doors Kelly saw us and got us a table, both Mike and Andy came over to say hello and have a little chat. This really was the most surreal experience for us.

For breakfast we ordered: Double Berry Pancakes and breakfast, Peanut Butter Pancakes and breakfast. Both of which had no faults. We thoroughly enjoyed our breakfast meals (again we didn’t manage to finish the pancakes and were offered a few times to take them home in a box which we declined due to being sooooo full). To check out what is on the menu click here.

Once we finished our breakfast we set out on the 4 hour journey back home with very full stomachs.

We couldn’t eat loads and didn’t finish the pancakes.

We have to say that during the whole time (both evening and morning) that we were there one of the team members stood out – Abbie. Abbie served us during breakfast and dinner. Abbie was very happy and friendly towards all of the customers, not just us. Abbie got stuck in and was quick to help her fellow team members. We felt that Abbie made an impression and if you get the chance to eat at Denny’s Glasgow we’re sure she will make a positive impression on your visit as well.

We want to thank everyone we met; Mike, Myles, Kelly, Andy, Abbie and the Glasgow Denny’s team for giving us such a wonderful dining experience. I’m sure that even if we were “regular” customers we would have received a very welcoming and friendly atmosphere, as we saw other customers receiving.

If you haven’t eaten at Denny’s before you definitely should try it. The menu is great, and the staff are wonderful – it is like having a small piece of America here in the UK. They currently have 2 restaurants (one in Swansea and one in Glasgow) but there are talks of more opening soon.

The Applewood Burger and BBQ Chicken Skillet.

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  1. I hope we could have Denny’s near my area either London or Brighton. Those food shots makes me hungry. I would love to get my hands on the Bacon Cheddar tots and their pancakes. Thanks for sharing.

    Amalog – http://amalog.co

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