Last Minute Trip to Lancaster.

We randomly decided that we wanted a night away. Both of us always enjoy staying in Lancaster so thats where we decided to go, just for the night. In this post we are going to talk about staying at the Holiday Inn for the first time, how cold Lancaster is in January and our favourite place to get pizza (not just in Lancaster, our favourite place anyway). 

So we had a look online, and the first time we stayed in Lancaster we stayed at this lovely little independent hotel that had the oldest lift in the UK in it (that was SOOO scary to use). Our usual choice is to stay at a Premier Inn as we know we always get good service and the beds are super comfortable.

However this time we opted to try the Holiday Inn, first time ever! First impressions, it was really nice, clean and tidy. The man on reception was very happy and friendly, he seemed very approachable had we had any issues. The hotel felt really big, but had a lot of parking spaces outside (some places have like 100 bedrooms and only 20 parking spaces). 

We got up to our room and we had 2 double beds. What do full grown adults do with 2 double beds you ask? Well we pushed the beds together to make one huge bed, we had 2 double duvets and 8 pillows to choose from. This meant that neither of us could moan about lack of space, duvet or pillows as we had plenty to spare. It was really fun, I enjoyed having such a large space to sleep! The bathroom was nice and you got plenty of space around the sink for toiletries. There was a decent chair at the desk and convenient mirror – for doing my make up – situated against the wall. There was of course also a wardrobe with 3 (yes 3!!) irons and an ironing board, and a full length mirror on the wall. 


The beds were super comfortable and I did have a really nice sleep, it was also nice to have a full sized TV in a hotel room (although don’t be fooled it doesn’t work perfectly, the guide didn’t work and the volume stayed on the screen constantly. There was also an in-built clock that was completely wrong and the TV thought it was Christmas day, oh well). There are both soft and firm pillows for you to choose from, or you can mix them all up like we did and just guess which ones you want to sleep on. 

The one issue I did find with this hotel was the lack of a hair dryer?? What is this about? Why wouldn’t you have a hair dryer as standard and yet there were (again I have to say it) 3 irons?! I ended up just having to let my hair air dry as at the time I didn’t have the energy to walk downstairs to reception with wet hair to ask if they are able to provide one (so I’m not sure if they can or not, sorry). However there was a sticker in the bathroom that said (not in these exact words) ‘if you have forgotten anything such as; toothbrush, toothpaste, earbuds, cotton pads etc… please contact reception and we will provide you with these free of charge.’ Which is always helpful to know so you don’t get to stressed when packing, everyone forgets something. 

Breakfast (which came with our room) was really nice, we got down to the breakfast area around 9am at, at which time it was fairly quiet. It is a large open space with tables and chairs, we were seated and told it is a buffet style breakfast so you can help yourself. There is a large selection of continental and cooked breakfast and if there is something you want that isn’t there you can ask if the chef can cook it for you (such as vegetarian options, poached egg etc). We both enjoyed a cooked breakfast and a couple of mini pastries. It was nice and the staff were very attentive with everyone. 

Before checking out we had an after breakfast nap (why not, we did eat a lot of food for breakfast). Check out is at mid-day unless you are a member and then you can ask to check out at 2pm. Prior to leaving the room we put the beds back to where they should be and made them (it’s only polite). We always try to tidy as much as we can before we leave, and in this instance we emptied the bins into one bag. Checking out was quick and simple and again the man on reception asked us if we enjoyed our stay etc. 

All in all I liked the Holiday Inn and if we were staying more than one night I’d have probably located the pool and gone for a swim. Yes it also has a pool! Their website states “Complimentary use of the 13m Indoor Swimming Pool, Steam Room, Sauna and Gym. Last entry in to the Health Club is 9pm Monday – Saturday and 7pm on Sunday.” 

On Friday evening we nipped out to grab a take away, not just anywhere though… To Alibaba’s in Lancaster near Sainsburys. They do the BEST EVER pizza! We got 2 9″ pizzas and a large Cheesy Chips for £11. The pizzas are amazing and you can personalise them if you want to. The man working in Alibaba’s on Friday night was nice and he double checked what we were having and checked if we were having spicy chicken or normal chicken etc to make sure we got what we wanted. If you are visiting Lancaster, take a walk to Alibaba’s and get yourself a pizza and you won’t regret it. 

Saturday led to a very cold, very windy, very muddy kind of walk. I love going into the hills when we go to Lancaster and seeing the views from the top. Issue is, it is January and January is cold and wet here in the UK. We ended up freezing cold, and did more driving than walking. However it was still nice and we did still get some fresh air. If you visit Lancaster for the day then you should try and go up the nearby hills and see the views because they are beautiful and well worth the drive (and a walk if you want to). 

  • Just a note to say that the photos we took of the room were taken at the end of our stay and not at the beginning.

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