Better late than never? The end of 2018 and beginning of 2019 have been a little harder than we’d have liked but that shouldn’t stop the blogging! This post is a little insight into what we are going to do and what we would like to do in 2019. 

We hope you all have a fantastic year! 

In 2018 we did a lot of Merlin Annual Pass visits as well as Disney World Florida (the biggest holiday either of us has been on and our favourite yet), we also visited Berlin and several places around the UK. 

Now 2019 still contains our Merlin Annual Passes and holidays. It will hopefully look like this: 

  • Disneyland Paris,
  • Alton Towers, as much as we can,
  • Chessington/Thorpe Park/Legoland (as 3-4 day getaways, hopefully twice this year),
  • Warwick Castle, at least once, 
  • Blackpool Tower/Circus (as you all know we love it there),
  • Madame Taussades, 
  • Sea Life Centres,
  • Dog Cottage getaway (Chirk), 
  • Trip to the Lake District, 

That is what we would like 2019 to look like, not in that particular order. Disneyland Paris we have booked and will soon do a blog post about where we are staying and why etc. 

We will always be posting on Instagram and Twitter about where we are/have been and will endeavour to blog about everywhere we go (but not the same thing over and over, so if we go quiet check out Instagram). 

Our Merlin Annual Passes will play a big part of this year as we don’t plan to re-new them at the end of September, however this takes us nicely through 90% of the Merlin season. They are still a great thing to have and I would still recommend them to anyone, however look at your choices and the restrictions before you buy them. Also wait till there is a good promotion on, if there isn’t one on at the moment then just wait and there will be (there always is a few different types of promotions each year). There will be as many trips to Alton Towers as we can fit into our year, and hopefully more than one trip to Thorpe Park, Legoland and Chessington World of Adventures! 

This will not be the only things KAMholidays does this year, and we will take you all with us everywhere we go! Don’t forget to follow our Social Media accounts, and more importantly have the best 2019 that you can 🙂 

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