4 Days in Berlin (Part 1)…

We have been AWOL for a little while, and apologies for that… However we are now back! 

Recently we went to spend 4 days in Berlin, to have a nice get away. We booked Berlin back in February to give us something to look forward to after we got back from America (and we were suffering holiday blues). Berlin is somewhere we wanted to visit, and is a nice little city get away that isn’t crazy expensive. 

We booked our flights with EasyJet and stayed at the Ibis Hotel in Osthabahnof. The flights and hotel cost us around £450 (£150 for the flights and £300 for the hotel). We initially budgeted around £300 for spending money, this went up to more like £400 by the end of the holiday. Prior to going out to Berlin we bought the Berlin Welcome Card, which allows you to use public transport for the duration of your stay. We bought a 4 day pass and had it delivered to us in the UK a few weeks before we left.


The Berlin Welcome Card allows you to use public transport all across Berlin, it can also be used for discounts at various locations and you receive a city guide book and map when your tickets arrive. To use them you simply have them validated when you arrive at Berlin, we went straight to the train station and to get it validated is basically like a stamp that says what day you started to use your ticket. It does say on the ticket how long it is valid for, therefore you have (for example) 4 days from the date you had it stamped. For more information or to buy a Berlin Welcome Card the click here.

It was a lot easier than we were expecting to use the public transport in Berlin, although we did have a little help from Google as to which trains we wanted to get on etc. Finding the correct platform isn’t to hard, and finding the correct line (S or U etc) is actually very easy as well. We never felt lost, or unsure where to go and at no point did we feel unsafe in Berlin.


We visited Berlin in October and neither of us anticipated just how warm is was going to be! After checking the weather forecast we packed shorts and t-shirts and jackets just in case for the evenings. However we didn’t really need the jackets, in-fact we ended up carrying them or not using them at all. It as not unbearably hot, but rather comfortably warm and we would recommend going in October. 

October also brings the Festival of Lights held in Berlin where a number of landmarks are lit up with light shows every evening, it runs for approximately 10 days at a time. It is where different artists from around the world display their light shows on a variety of landmarks, monuments and buildings. It is something we were surprised by because we didn’t know it was going on while we were there, and it was really lovely to see. We went into Alexanderplatz on our first evening and were pleasantly surprised when we saw the Berlin TV Tower and the church next to it lit up with great displays.  


This was part 1 of what we did in Berlin. Part 2 will contain what we did and what we recommend doing, along with what different places cost to get in. 

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