Long Weekend Away: Dog Cottage.

We call it the ‘Dog Cottage’ because we go once a year to a cottage that allows you to take your dogs with you and we take 2 dogs; a chihuahua and a labrador.

We looked at a cottage that was near to some nice walks that us and the dogs could enjoy, it also helps to stay active and not be shopping. We had several requirements that included; a fenced garden so the dogs cannot get out, nice clean and spacious cottage, 2 bedrooms and a large garden. 

This cottage took us to Chirk in Wales. It’s not far from us which meant there wouldn’t be to much traveling with the dogs in the car. If not previously mentioned (in other posts) our dogs are a Black Labrador and a partially blind Chihuahua. 

When we first arrived we kept getting a bit confused due to the layout of the cottage – which is a bungalow – there seemed to be another corridor round each corner! It wasn’t massive so after the first day we got used to this and finding the living room and kitchen etc was much easier. This cottage also had a conservatory which was lovely! 

We went to this cottage on Bank Holiday weekend in May, however we had packed for ‘Wales’, Ie/ jumpers and jeans. Nevertheless it was actually a really really warm weekend!! 

We spent most of the long weekend walking, and Chirk has a lovely walk over the Aqueduct and along the canal. If you’re not a fan of walking by water or walking heights, there’s also walks through the fields with the sheep, or along the river. It didn’t matter which way we went from the cottage all the walks were really nice. The dogs loved it! 

It got so warm that we took the dogs for a walk down to the river and all of us ended up walking in the river just to cool down. 

The dogs also loved the garden, it was a really nice size and the Labrador was running up and down the garden using the last of his energy each night. 

There is a small village with a few shops near by, where we went for an Indian, we also had some cakes and pastries from the bakers after one of our walks and had a nip to the Spar for a few bits for the cottage such as drinks and snacks etc. 

Just a small drive away is Llangollen, this little town is so picturesque, on a bank holiday weekend it is full of people wanting to see the town. But this didn’t stop us from going for an ice cream to cool down and a walk across the bridge and into a few of the shops, if you do stay in Chirk it is definitely worth the visit into Llangollen.

I would recommend this cottage to anyone, it is in a great location and the scenes surrounding the cottage make you want to go out walking each day. If you want to have a look at the cottage, take a look here.

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