Odeon Cinema: The Gallery

Since discovering The Gallery at the Odeon cinema, I find it hard to watch a long film (2 hours or longer) without sitting up there. It’s not the cheapest option, so we only sit up there when there’s a good film out such as the new Star Wars films or Avengers or a film we have been wanting to see for a while.

This has to be my favourite way to watch any film, our most recent visit wasn’t the best however there wasn’t anything that would stop me from going up there again.

So the Gallery means that you have bigger seats, the type of seats depend on the Gallery that you go to. We usually go to Liverpool One and here there are couches so you can spread out and relax properly. You’re sat at the very top back of the cinema screen and the only people to have access should be the staff and the people sitting in the Gallery. You cannot bring children under the age of 18 into the Gallery due to the fact that there is a bar and alcoholic drinks can be purchased.

Included in the cinema tickets are the big couch seats, unlimited popcorn, unlimited nachos and sauce, unlimited soft drinks and in Liverpool One there’s always a REALLY BIG box of Quality Street to help yourself. There is a bar where you can order drinks from in the foyer where you can relax before your film starts.

We usually arrive around 45 minutes before the film so that we can have a drink and some nachos before getting some popcorn and another drink for the film. It is a nice and relaxing environment and if you’re not sure about which screen or where your seats are then just ask a member of staff and they will show you to your seats.

Like I say, it isn’t the cheapest option, the price varies depending on the film but ranges from £18-£23 per ticket. This doesn’t include watching a 3D film or a film in the IMAX screen (they are subject to higher charges).

It is definitely well worth the price, but make sure you take full advantage and arrive earlier than your film is due to start! Remember under 18’s are NOT allowed in the Gallery. Check on the Odeon website for your nearest Gallery.


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  1. That sounds so cool, ive never heard of this! If i was going to watch a movie i was super excited for id defo see if my local odeon had this!!

  2. I’ve never actually heard of this before but it sounds so cool! I would definitely consider as a treat or for a film I’ve been really looking forward to. A big box of quality streets is always a win and unlimited popcorn, wow! Great post, thanks for sharing xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

  3. Wow this sounds fantastic, i dont really go to the cinema much so didnt know they had this option available. I would definitly use this service though probably because i dont go so much, it would make it a better experience and worth the prices too. Thanks for sharing.

    Laura xx

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