Day 14: Our Final Day

This day should be packing, checking out of the hotel, feeling like you’ve forgotten something and heading for the airport.

Well we did our packing 2 days before, because we knew the night before we would be to tired. So it was just a case of putting in the last bits like clothes we’d worn, make up, brushes, toiletries etc. Then do a scan of the place to make sure we have everything, and leave a final tip for housekeeping (we put all the drinks and stuff we had left that hadn’t been opened in a pile on the dining room table along with a cash tip).

We’d already done three parks in a day and said goodbye to them, however we hadn’t been to Epcot. Martin suggested we go to Epcot for the morning since we had till about 2:30pm to waste but had to check out by 10am. This was definitely a good idea otherwise we would’ve gone shopping for things that we really don’t need.

Up, dressed, packed and checked out by 9:15 we went to Epcot! We arrived just after 9:30. Both times going to Epcot we have ended up parking so close to the park that we just walk in instead of getting the road tram. We had a couple of morning fast passes booked for, Mission: Space and Test Track.

However about 20 seconds after we scanned our fast passes for Test Track the ride was shut, it had broken down. We were the last people to walk into this ride before they shut the barriers off. Nevertheless we were given a fast pass valid all day for any 1 ride in Epcot.

Whilst waiting to be given this fast pass, we fast passed living with the land as we both find this a nice soothing and relaxing ride. When we were in this queue a fast pass for Soarin’ came up, so we grabbed that. We did discuss using our random fast pass for this ride but it worked out hat we didn’t have to!

From here we got another fast pass for Test Track as it had come back on (probably about an hour or so after it had broken down). So we rushed from Soarin’ over to Test Track to design our own cars! There were still issues, such as the fact that the photos weren’t working and so we never got our last photo. But it was nice to get to go on the ride for the last time this visit.

We ended up using our random fast pass for Spaceship Earth, it didn’t need to be fast passed but we only had time left for one more ride and so we figured we may as well use it (since they’re non transferable anyway). I really like how the photo taken at the beginning of the ride is used at the end to create your own future Earth. My favourite part of this ride is when you are descending with all the stars, it just feels magical.

With all of the rides done, and a little trip to MouseGear for a super cute backpack and rice crispy snack, we were now due to say goodbye to Disney World Orlando. It has brought us the most wonderful time, and the most magical first trip to Disney. It has also got us both hooked and we just want to plan when we are going back!!

After all the morning excitement we went back to our hotel grounds to get changed for the plane, well to prepare for how cold England was going to be. We got changed, sorted out our hand luggage and set off to the airport.

Orlando International airport is strange, all of the shops are before you go through security, so there’s no need to worry about liquids for the first hour at least. Saying that there is also only two security areas, and this took a good 45 mins to an hour to get through, due to the sheer amount of people flying that day. Our plane was due to leave at 6:35 so we went through security around 4:30.

After security you need to get a monorail to your gate area, here there are a couple of food places and a little newsagent style shop. Not very much to stay entertained, but we managed it.

On the whole our last day was great! I loved being able to go to Disney parks right down to the last minute of the holiday!

Keep an eye out, we will soon be doing a post about the plane journeys and our experience with Virgin Atlantic.


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