Day 12: Relaxing day? No Magic Kingdom!

This was supposed to be a relaxing day where we did nothing. Also our bodies are starting to get tired now, and our feet are getting achy from all this constant walking and running around. Nevertheless we booked a couple of fast passes for Magic Kingdom just in case.

We got up, but we woke up later than normal, as we needed this lie-in! We got ready as usual and went to Magic Kingdom for the final time. Since we had fast passes booked we went for those rides, but started towards the end of our first fast pass.

So we got to Magic Kingdom just before lunch time, and rode our first ride about 11:50, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. I have to admit I didn’t think it hurt the first time round, but due to how fast you go around the corner if there are two adults in the cart it can hurt! Nevertheless it made us both laugh the whole time round and we ended up crying, I don’t know if this was from pain or laughter, but it is still worth a ride. Make sure to fast pass this though as it always has a huge queue!

Space Mountain is another one you really should fast pass as the queue again is really big at all times. This is a great ride, even on the front I still couldn’t see where the track was going but it is so smooth you don’t really care.

Other rides we went on include; carousel, Jungle Cruise, Haunted Mansion, we met Stitch and went on Peter Pan. We had yet to go on Peter Pan due to the size of the queue and lack of fast passes. However due to our luck a fast pass became available when we came off a ride so we went straight for it. It’s a slow continuous ride, but I really enjoyed it. You go through the story of Peter Pan in a flying boat!

We only spent about 4 hours in the park but still managed to do a lot, we didn’t rush around which was nice. You enjoy the park a lot more if you take your time and don’t rush around. It made for a really nice last trip to the Magic Kingdom.

From here we went to the worlds biggest McDonalds (yes again, there’s so many different foods!), only this time we ordered a pizza! It did cost us $14 but we did add a lot of extras. This McDonalds amazes me, there’s a fish tank in the middle of the ground floor, a children’s play area and a McCafe section with loads of cakes.

We spent the evening relaxing, and sorting out our suitcases as it is nearly time to go home :’( .

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