This Time of Year Always Calls For…

A PANTOMIME! Shouts of ‘He’s behind you!!’ ‘Booooo!’ ‘Oh no you’re not!’ and many more, all come from the fabulous fun of a pantomime. Great for all ages, children love to scream and shout and there’s a lot of interaction throughout a pantomime. As well as the x rated comments and random adult jokes that children don’t understand, the pantomime is so much fun!

After searching and searching to find a pantomime that we would all like, and finding one that had enough seats for the dates we wanted, as well as being a reasonable price… We got it down to Peter Pan that was showing at the Epstein Theatre in Liverpool.


Follow the second star on the right and straight on ‘til you reach The Epstein to join Peter, Wendy and The Lost Boys as they dare to battle the evil Captain Hook, in this swashbuckling adventure about the boy who never grew up – full of Pirates, Mermaids, Indians and a devious tick-tocking croc.” 


It came to only £20 each, which I think is good for a Pantomime. Especially considering we left it till really late to book it. Originally we booked for 3 of us, but then there ended up being a 4th person, luckily we phoned the theatre and they sorted us out with 4 seats together so we didn’t have to sit separately. The youngest person in our group was 23, thus proving that pantomimes are not just for children.

This was a really good pantomime to go to, it was a small theatre so there were no seats that couldn’t see and everyone felt involved. As usual the rules were explained about when to shout what. The actors were great and were really enjoying themselves on stage.

“You will be blown Out Of Your Mind with 90’s boyband Another Level star Dane Bowers who will lead the all-star cast as Captain Hook; voice of the airwaves, Radio City’s Claire Simmo will be adding lots of glitz and sparkle as Tinkerbell; the West End’s very own Chris Barton will be appearing as the bumbling Smee* and everyone’s favourite Dame, Michael Chapman will bring his hysterical capers as The Darling Family Cook.”

A few things went wrong, such as Peter and Wendy were supposed to fly in the first song but they didn’t, however unless you were focusing on the wires then you wouldn’t really notice as they just carried on like they weren’t supposed to fly. So unless you wanted to notice then you probably didn’t realise the mistakes, as the actors were very professional about it all.

There were a couple bits of the pantomime in true fashion that had nothing to do with the story, such as; Peter’s Pans… This was where Peter and 3 lost boys came out with kitchen pans and a wooden spoon tied around their waist and ‘played’ Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, well they tried their best to anyway. It was very entertaining and very funny to watch!

Then there was the traditional, get 2 children up on stage and do a boys V girls singing competition. However, not one person in the room could predict what happened. The little boy that got up was FULL to the brim with energy. He was running around and giggling, and running around and giggling, so much so everyone kept thinking he was going to fall off the stage and into the band! The actor on stage kept trying to stop the little boy and get him to stand still but he wasn’t having any of it. They even tried to bribe him with a selection box, and this didn’t work. The worst part of all was that when the boy was finally off stage everyone cheered, AND his parents did absolutely nothing to help calm the situation down!

Eventually 2 little girls had a singing competition and it all went well, but this was after the big fiasco with the little boy running riot on stage. After this the pantomime carried on and went really well.

Overall it was a very enjoyable show, and the theatre was a nice place. Unfortunately the Epstein Theatre has gone into administration, which is a shame because it is a nice location but the pantomime will run till it’s last day on Jan 1st. However the actors did really well and we all had a lot of fun being in the festive spirit!!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and would like to wish everyone a happy and successful 2018!

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