Booking Airport Parking Manchester.

Due to our trip to America being very close, we remembered that we need to book our airport parking.

Now this is more difficult than you may first think! First of all have a look on places such as Quidco* for any cash-back opportunities. To be honest I started this with the attitude of “it’s just parking I can pick anywhere”… Honestly don’t look at it like that because your car is valuable and to be leaving it in a random location for 2 weeks is bigger risk than you think. So you need to be sure you’re happy with the car park you pick, and that you’re happy with the company you leave your (probably) 2nd most expensive purchase with.

You need to consider if your car is likely to get damaged, if you’re happy with the location you’re leaving it and if it will be safe. As well as considerations such as where you’re parking in relation to the airport, will you need to get a transfer bus, will you need to walk a lot?  We explore all of this within this blog post!

So it is best to start with a map, preferably on Google Maps so you can see the names of the car parks. I started by looking at Manchester Airport. We know we are flying from Terminal 2, so I zoomed in on Terminal 2 and looked at the car parks. I think went to Quidco* to have a look if they had any deals on booking airport parking, which they did – they always have deals going on!

I then used the booking website and google maps to see which would be best. Then came the debate; do we park it nearby and walk? Do we park it and get a transfer for a cheaper parking? Do we have it valet parked for us and get dropped straight outside the terminal?

Well there seems to have been a lot of horror stories for the valet parking option recently,  peoples cars getting damaged etc. I’m not willing to leave my car anywhere where it may get damaged as I love my car! So that was straight away out of the question.

Then it comes down to how much you want to pay, airport parking isn’t always very cheap!

As I don’t mind getting a transfer and I know my way around Manchester airport really well, I settled on the JetParks 3 car park. They are a trusted company whom i feel confident with. I know this car park isn’t the closet but is the cheapest self park, and it is only a 10 min transfer to the airport terminal.

So overall we went for a carpark that wasn’t the closest but is the cheapest and easiest for us to get to. We also got cashback via Quidco*, hope this helps.

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