Blackpool… Again?

Yes, we went back to Blackpool again this weekend. We’ve spent a lot of time there recently with ‘Ride the Lights’ and seeing the lights in the car, getting our Merlin Annual Passes and now this weekend going to Sea Life and Madame Tussauds. Blackpool is a fun place, and the big arcade Coral Island has a ride inside it! There is also Blackpool Pleasure Beach if you enjoy rides, and an ice rink if you love to skate.

We never stay over, we usually just go up for the day because it is only an hour drive from us. However you wouldn’t be able to do everything in one day (hence we have been so many times recently). If you do just want to spend the day there then I recommend going to the Tower Circus – you do need to book you seats when you arrive in the morning, just tell the staff which time you would like to go and they will hand you a ticket for the show. You can go out and do other things before the Circus time, you do not have to stay in the tower.

This week we arrived around 10am, went straight to the tower to book the circus for 4pm and went straight to Madame Tussauds. There are a lot of interactive boards and games in Madame Tussauds which makes it all that more fun to walk around. All of the wax works are so realistic and there is a section where you can see how they are made. There are about 3 or 4 different sections for green screen photos, and of course you can take your own photos whilst walking around. Since the last time we visited (about 4 years ago) there has been a few changes such as the ‘festival’ section which includes Olly Murs and Ed Sheeran, and a karaoke corner if you fancy your hand at singing.

Madame Tussauds only took us around an hour, however we have been a couple times before so we may have rushed more than if it was your first time. They recommend two hours to walk around and see everything – especially if you use all of the interactive stations. From here we went to the Sea Life Centre. I think fish are so calming to watch swim around. At Blackpool that have a large collection of fish, from clown fish, to rays, to sharks, to turtles and star fish that you can touch. They have a rock pool which is great for adults and children as you can touch and stroke the fish in there and there is a sink to wash your hands afterwards. We didn’t do this – but personally I HATE touching things and getting things on my hands. As with most (we’ve not been to all) Sea Life Centres, there is a tunnel that you can walk through and see the sharks and rays swimming over you head. The one in Blackpool has a slightly bigger section where you can sit down and watch them swim over your head. There is also a really big ray pool, where you can view them from above as well as below, and there’s a section where you can feel like you’re in the pool because there is a ‘dome’ in the tank floor and it feels like the fish are coming right up to you.

Again Sea Life only took us around an hour, but it would take much longer if it was busy or if it was your first time there. This really is fun for adults and children and is fantastic for families. All of the Merlin Attractions can be pre booked online, and if you’re planning on going to more than one place in one day then you can book them together and save some money.

We went back to the Blackpool Tower Circus again this week as well. Although the show has not changed since two weeks ago the circus really is so much fun! I think that it is great, and there are moments where you will cover your eyes and hold your breath, as well as times when you will laugh. There is a kiosk where you can buy food and drink and it isn’t overpriced like you would expect.

So this week we had more fun at Blackpool, and if you have never been before we definitely recommend going!! It doesn’t matter if you are on your own, with friends, with a partner or with your family, there is something for everyone to enjoy!!

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