What to do in Florida

It’ll be both of our first time in America ever. Therefore there is a nice list of places that we want to go to while we are there. Some of them are Florida related others just simply ‘American’, mainly food places. It’s more of a food list than anything else, nevertheless they are all places we want to go.

Recently we decided to plan out our 2 weeks there and realised there might be a chance we don’t get to go to all of these places. Especially as we are doing Disney and Universal as well which will take up a lot of our time out there.

Starting with the restaurants;

  • Cold Stone Creamery,
  • Johnny Rockets,
  • Denny’s Diner,
  • Applebees,
  • Dairy Queen,
  • IHOP,
  • Cheesecake Factory,
  • Hard Rock Cafe,
  • Wendys,
  • Chick-Fil-A,
  • Buffalo Wild Wings,
  • Outback,
  • Cookie Dough Shop,
  • Dippin Dots,

Everywhere else we want to go;

  • Wallmart,
  • Target,
  • 7-11,
  • Bath and Body Works,
  • Clearwater Beach,
  • Blue Man Group,
  • Mall at Millennia.

This is just a general list of places that we have heard about or thought of (possibly after looking on google maps at what is around us when we get there). We are hoping to get to as many of these places as possible within 2 weeks, but understandably we will be spending a lot of our time in the parks. This just means that we may have to go back again one day! *Fingers Crossed*

If anyone has any suggestions or helpful comments about these places or anywhere else that we should go then please do comment and let us know!

We are in the process of planning where and when we want to go to each place and in the next month or so I will do a post about our day-to-day plan.

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