Segwaying in Delamere Forest

As a birthday treat we went to Delamere Forest to go on the segways – at Go Ape Delamere Forest. This meant get the GoPro’s charged and take a good hour to pick what mounts we wanted to use. This is a normal thing whenever we do something, we never pick the same mount, and then later one of us regrets it (this time it was me).

The Go Ape website says:

“Delamere Forest is the largest wooded area in Cheshire, stretching out across over 950 hectares of woodland, wetland and open grassland. And its home to our epic adventure with a down-to-earth twist. Cruise and explore the forest floor on one of off road, our all-terrain, self-balancing electric Segways.”

So when we got there we checked our GoPro’s again with the app to make sure that they were working and then we both put our mounts on – a chest harness and a wrist strap. As we were so early we decided to take a small stroll towards the GoApe route in the trees, we have done the tree climb before and found it to be great fun and both want to go again.

With 10 mins before we were suppose to be there we went to the ‘cabin’ to sign in and sign the forms – the ones that say if you get injured it’s your own fault etc. We were then told to take a seat near the segways and wait to see if anyone else was turning up for their segway day. After about 3 minutes there was just us two and another couple, and the instructor guy shouted us over to begin.

We picked our helmets, were given a safety talk and demonstration. As we had done it before the other couple offered for us to get onto the segways first, so we did. When I say we have done it before, it was about 3 or 4 years ago when we did it, so we are no experts!

It always feels strange when you’re moving but you’re not actually doing anything to move. Just incase you’re unfamiliar with how segways work – to move forwards you put your weight onto the front of your feet and push the handles forwards (this is only a small movement, if you push to far then the segway will push back to slow down – VERY smart machines). To slow down you simply to the opposite, put your weight to the back of your feet and pull the handles towards yourself. As for hills, going down hill is very strange because you have to lean back as if to stop but it keeps on rolling due to gravity and the fact it naturally rolls forwards.

Stopping for the horses.

After about 5 minutes on the training section, our instructor was happy that we could proceed and off we went on our adventure. About 900 yards around the corner we stopped and were told how to take the segways out of ‘training mode’ which would now allow them to go up to about 12mph. So off we went around the forest, stopping when we saw horses – because you have to. It was nice that there was only 4 of us because, well, it’s hard to loose someone from a 4 person group!

We stopped at what seemed like quite a flat section for the instructor man to tell us that we would be going down a steep section and to be very careful and keep a distance from each other. We all sort of thought ‘come on, it’s probably not going to be that steep’… Well… It was very steep, each of us got to the top, saw the hill and thought ‘hmmm, how do we get down this?!’ Needless to say we all did it, no-one fell off and there was a nice scenery at the bottom.

Traveling through the forest.

The segways were a lot of fun and I would definitely recommend going to do it, especially at Delamere as it is a lovely setting. For anyone thinking if an hour is enough, well it is! Your legs will start to ache a little bit and if you don’t have gloves on you will start to get cold, but otherwise it is so much fun!!


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