Do You REALLY Need Minnie Ears?

Yes! The answer is always yes! At least for me it is, I feel that they are necessary for a Disney trip. However, for the last month or so I keep finding more and more that I like and I feel that 20 pairs of Minnie ears is a bit excessive and a waste of money. Therefore I need to cut it down to 3 or 4 MAXIMUM.

The best place to find custom Mickey and Minnie ears is on, there are hundreds of different designs by independent shops and they will customise them if you request. They have everything from Lion King to Moana to Beauty and the Beast and more. You can also get birthday ears, graduation ears or plain colours or sparkles, the list really seems to be endless!

There are a lot of different shops, which means the price of the ears and the delivery can vary a lot. I personally only wanted to get mine from UK sellers because that meant that there were no import fees etc. Once I narrowed it down to UK sellers it was a bit easier, then once you look at one pair you keep looking at others. I found that I liked loads of different styles of ears however the actual characters or films they were from I wasn’t to bothered about. So I decided to start narrowing down by which characters and films I liked the most. Here are just a selection of my favourites:


As you can see mine are all from HannahMarieMagic’s shop. That is only because I had already started to narrow down and found that hers were my favourite. She is very nice and welcomes custom designs. I have ordered my first two pairs from her, the Stitch ears and the Beauty and the Beast ears. However I didn’t like the bow on the Beauty and the Beast ears so I made a request to have that changed and Hannah replied almost straight away saying she could do this for me.

So how many really is to many? Personally we are going for 2 weeks, however we are also going to Universal and Clearwater beach, so we agreed that we would probably go to the Disney parks on maybe 5 or 6 days. Naturally this means I want 5 or 6, but I think thats to much suitcase space! So I have decided on 3 or 4 at the most, so I will probably wear each pair twice at least whilst being out there. This is all a personal choice, so if you want to get 8 pairs even though you’re only going for a week then I say go for it!!

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