Freedcamp – Planning App Help

This holiday has come with a decent amount of planning involved, and somethings – such as booking restaurants – are time sensitive. So we decided to find an app to use that can help us remember when things need to be done etc, but one that we can both us and can both link to. Freedcamp allows us to do this, so if I set up a task but we both have to get it done then I can send it to Martin and he can accept the task, also when it is complete then we will both see that.

The app was really simple and easy to set up, we simply downloaded the app, set up and account and then found eachother to link our tasks. It is designed for project planning so has a few features we are not using, however it has everything that we wanted from a joint app.


So we set up our ‘Orlando’ project, and started to add tasks to do. These were things such as; Book Be Our Guest, sort out plane seats, book fast passes, sort out phone sims for America, things to pack, ESTA, pre-paid card, check hand luggage size, download USA satnav maps etc…

We also have a task called ‘costs’, this is purely so that we can keep tabs on what we have spent on this holiday before we go, things such as park tickets, plane seats, insurance, hotel, flights, car, etc…


As you can see it shows as a task list, and I have my own task list to complete as there is only me that needs to do this, so tasks can be assigned to each other. I have chosen to write about this now and not when we first got it because we wanted to see how well it worked for us, and if the notifications worked. They do, as we got notifications about booking Be Our Guest which works really well when you’re not always thinking about the holiday, it’s a great reminder!

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