Seat Selection

Booking the plane seats, is it really necessary? It’s extra money and there’s a lot to consider, especially with it being an 11 hour flight. You want to be comfortable, know that you can stand up when your legs are getting cramped, watch a film (of your own choice if you decide to take a laptop or tablet). Or do you really care, and just want to pick your seats when you check in for your flight, which can be done up to a month before you fly (at least with Virgin Atlantic). It all depends on how fussy you are really, and who you’re flying with – whether its friends and family or if you’re flying alone.

After booking the holiday there is an option on the Virgin page of our booked holiday that says ‘Book Plane Seats’, once selecting that you see your different options. In a previous post ’11 Hour Flight’ we talked about the costs to Economy, Premium Economy and First Class and the prices and differences that they have.

There are a combination of options to choose from (at least for us), normal seats? Just 2 together? Sitting in the ‘Bubble’ (upstairs)? Having extra leg room? The Bubble and extra leg room? Exit Seats? Then its the different prices that come with these options; normal seats are £30 each – each way – to book in advance, extra leg room are £45, and exit row are £60. Thats a big difference when really all you are getting is a lot more leg room, but for 11 hours it very well could be worth it. The ‘Bubble’ is no different in price for the same seats as it is downstairs. So if we are going to get extra leg room, why not have it upstairs.

This is the ‘Manage my booking’ page on the Virgin Atlantic Website


We know that we definitely want to sit together, but even if we got our seats when we check in we would probably be sitting together anyway. It’s trying to justify (at most) spending £240 on plane seats, when we don’t really have to. We both agreed that if we are going to pay and book them then we don’t just want 2 normal seats together, wherever on the plane because that would be a waste of £120.

Here you can see your option to book the plane seats.


So we know that we want to go upstairs, because their of us has done that before, so it will be something new. We also know we don’t just want the normal seats, we want either leg room or exit row seats. But we needed to know if exit row has tables. So we took to the internet, tried to find some videos on Youtube, which we did manage to find but none of them showed what the exit seats where like in flight. So we had to find out some other way, and after asking in Orlando forums about the planes and seats, a few people responded to say that the exit row seats did in-fact have tables, so you can eat and use your laptop etc whenever you want to.

We did it, we booked exit row, upstairs in the ‘Bubble’ seats for both directions of our flights! We just hope that there really are tables, and it helps to make the long flight a bit more comfortable (exit row also means you don’t have to keep standing up when someone wants to go to the toilet or stretch their legs!) so it’s a win win situation, that we will find out if it was a good choice in 6 months time!

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