Disney and Universal, Park Tickets!

This is a must get as soon as possible – not because they will sell out or anything, but because I want to hold my Disney ticket! That and Martin wants his Universal ticket – can you tell we’re excited?? Having these tickets is another step closer to our holiday.

For finding the best deal with the tickets, well Google really becomes your best friend! We sat and looked together, I was searching on my laptop and had it showing on the TV screen and Martin was looking on the iPad. We wanted to see who could find the best deal for both Disney and Universal for 14 days, park hoppers.

Getting park hoppers meant that we could go between the parks on any days, and can go back into the parks on the same day. There are different types of tickets, some will only allow you to go into a park once that day, so when you have left you cannot go back in. We didn’t want that as we might want to go to multiple parks in one day and maybe return to ones for the evening entertainment etc. This is our preference, but everyone is different and if you want just the day tickets then by all means get one of those.

After an hour or so we realised that we were getting very very similar results on different websites. So we then started to look at what deals we would get with them, such as dining deals etc.

We ended up ordering from Orlando Attractions, they offer tickets for more than just Disney and Universal and have a location in Berkshire in England as well as Orlando. After making the decision to book through Orlando Attractions we went for the ‘Real Steal Combo’ which meant we got 14 days Disney and Universal park hopper tickets AND we got an Eat and Play card for free. The Eat and Play card is an extra that allows us to get discounts at local restaurants and activities in Orlando. Altogether these tickets cost us £1,240 for both, so £620 each.

Once placing the order (make sure you check that you have the correct dates) you will receive a confirmation email, this is an email that says that you have requested the tickets and not a confirmation on buying the tickets. The confirmation for purchasing the tickets came through the next day and we were advised of a 3 week wait for the tickets.

The tickets had been ordered!! This is so exciting, and exactly 3 weeks later…. OUR TICKETS ARRIVED!!

Just holding the tickets is exciting, this now means that we can register our tickets AND we can now start to book at the Disney Restaurants such as Be Our Guest. It also means that the planning is working.


Orlando Attractions replaced our Eat and Play card with VIP Dine for Less and Play for Less cards as they were out of the Eat and Play cards. However this doesn’t have an impact on us as it was a bonus anyway. To find out what discounts we get we can simply go on their website and have a look. They also included information about how Disney’s Memory Maker works as well as an ‘Inside Guide to Orlando’. We haven’t had any issues and would recommend using Orlando Attractions if you are going to book your tickets from the UK.


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