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Planning money is a hard thing as you cannot plan every single moment of the holiday and nor would you want to, however having a good estimate is a great idea so you know just how much to save. It is possibly the number 1 thing as we need to know how much to save each month so that when we get out there we can have a fun and enjoyable holiday without having money worries. I personally work a minium wage job, so knowing how much to save is a priority for me.

After talking about it we decided that we would spend the equivalent of £20 for breakfast, £20 for lunch and £30-40 for dinner – over two weeks this will mean that we will be spending around £980 on food. It won’t always be the case that we eat out, some days we may just have breakfast in our apartment or be too full to have lunch but it is better to over estimate than under estimate and panic when we are out there. As with our Glasgow trip, we will want to just go for dinner and order whatever we want without having to take meal prices into consideration.

After talking to a few friends who have been to Orlando before, the advice is to take some clothes (maybe 4 or 5 days worth) but to also buy some when we are there. This was suggested because it is apparently really cheap for clothes and will help to save space/weight for the flight, we will also be able to wash clothes so there is no need to take 14 days of different outfits. Nevertheless clothes cost money. So what we have decided is to round the food up to £1,000 and have £1,000 as spending money. That’s £400 each that we can spend on whatever we want; clothes, Disney purchases, Universal purchases and more. The final £200, we are looking to go and see The Blue Man Group, maybe go on the Orlando eye and if we can we would like to go to Clear Water Beach to see the wild dolphins. The more research we do into these extras then the better estimate we will be able to make.

Things such as Disney and Universal park tickets will be bought before we go out there which is why we are not including them in our budgeting. This is very helpful, anything that we pay for before going to America will not be included in our budgeting.

So we have come to the conclusion that we need to save £2,000 (which we will convert into dollars), and if we want to save any extra then we can.

Hopefully this will mean that we will have more than enough and won’t have any money worries.

Next is the issue of carrying so much cash, so instead of carrying cash we want to get an international card that we will be able to use out in America and also be able to add money to it. We came across this initially on the Virgin website, however the Virgin card is considered one of the worst when you look at all of the reviews. Money Supermarket have got a page about pre-paid cards, and we will be taking this into account when we get ours. It is still a bit early but we are looking, hopefully we will be sorting this out and getting ourselves one just before Christmas.

There are a lot of different companies offering pre paid currency cards, so it is handy to have a look at a few different ones before deciding on the one that you want. When we get ours we will do a post about why we have chosen that particular one.

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