11 Hour Flight?!

When we made our booking for the holiday, as expected, we were given our flight details. We are leaving on 17th January at 11am to start our 11 hour flight. Prior to this flight is the usual dreaded wait, being stuck in the airport, trying to pass the time, trying not to get really bored and complaining because of course we will be going on holiday!

So after making the booking and having a look around the Virgin website we found a deal; as we are flying from Manchester airport, there is something that Virgin call¬†a V-room. The thing about the V-room is there that isn’t a lot online about it other than what Virgin tell us, nevertheless what is on the Virgin website sounds really good.

It has cost an extra ¬£15 per person (usually ¬£25 per adult and ¬£14 per child). Even at the original price of ¬£25 it still sounds like a good idea, but to get it for ¬£15 is great! Obviously we don’t actually know what the V-room is like and we wont get to find out until we are there, but the information on Virgins website says:

“Manchester v-room is still as stylish as ever. Say goodbye to busy departure areas and say hello to kicking back and relaxing in our exclusive Virgin Holidays lounge. Complimentary hot breakfast, a selection of pastries, tea, coffee and soft drinks are all included. Newspapers and magazines are available to browse at your leisure.”

All of this means that while we have a few hours to kill after going through security we do not have to worry about food or drinks. Breakfast is provided and as we are planning to be there for around 8:30am this is perfect! This (I think) is a big seller as both food and drinks within airports are always expensive. As well as this there is entertainment, so if you are traveling with children and need to keep them entertained then you can. Virgin Holidays have a video about the V-room in Manchester on YouTube –

The deal sounds great in writing and makes us just as excited to go to the airport as is does to land in America, however we will find out if it really is that great when we get there. When we do, we will write our honest review on here, this will hopefully allow other people to decide if it is an option they would like to take.


As well as this, there is the option to upgrade our seats. The options (on a Virgin Atlantic flight) are:

  • Economy –¬†Complimentary drinks complimentary meals, blockbuster entertainment, complimentary amenity kit,¬†goody bags for kids.
  • Premium Economy –¬†Dedicated cabin, welcome glass of bubbly, crockery, cutlery and linen, comfy roomy seats, separate check-in, priority bag reclaim.
  • First Class –¬†Complimentary Clubhouse/lounge, dedicated check-in, fast track security channel, private bar on tap, restaurant quality meals, leather seats/flat bed, complimentary PJs.

I’m sure if everyone had the money then they would opt for first class, and as good as it sounds (and as nice as it would be for such a long flight), however first class does not come cheap. It all depends on your flight and how you have booked it but for us it is around an extra ¬£4,500 each. The next option for Premium Economy sounds good, but for what is essentially an extra 2 inches space in your seat it costs around ¬£2,000. So we have opted to stick with economy, an extra 2 inches doesn’t seem worth the money to us and we don’t have a spare ¬£9,000 to go first class. I personally cannot see us having an issue.

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