DAY 3 – City Tour of Glasgow

Day 3! Our last full day in Glasgow, so why not try any see more of the city? After waking up and getting dressed we discussed getting the Sightseeing tour bus (they operate at a number of cities, not just in the UK) around Glasgow, and using it as a bus for the day to try and go further afield and see what we find. The bus runs about every 20 mins, so operates like a normal bus. We went downstairs again for breakfast at the hotel, and as it has everyday so far the sun was beaming in through the windows. We went online on our phones and booked our tickets (£15 each) for the bus because this was easier than going to find an ATM to get cash out. We went back up to the room and made sure that we had everything in a bag for the day ahead (I carried both of our kag-in-a-bag’s everyday because you never know when the weather will change).

So we left just after 9am to head for the bus stop, and our bus stop was next to this music venue. This music venue looked pretty cool, it has a wagon coming out of the building with a licence plate that says ‘LET U5 IN’.

After a little wait, our bus arrived. We hopped on and our email QR code was not working, so the bus driver (who was very kind) told us to get on and come back down when we get to the main square and he will print us tickets to use for the day. On the bus, headphones in, looking like the tourists that we are ,we started listening to the commentary of Glasgow. Sat at the top outside, something you wouldn’t think you could do in Scotland but it was just so warm! We made the decision to do a full round trip on the bus first and then decide where we want to get off. This first trip, is advertised to last around 1hr 20, it actually lasted around 2hrs, but we enjoyed it. There are different language options for listening to the commentary, when we first got on we had on English but then noticed and decided to change it to ‘Ghoulish Glasgow’ which is intended for children, however we found it rather entertaining and actually quite funny.

The first place that we got off was the Cathedral, prior to going to Glasgow we knew we wanted to see the Cathedral. What we didn’t know was how far out of town the Cathedral is, and would recommend getting the bus there and not walking, especially if you are planning to go else where during that day.

Cathedral from across the hill


The Cathedral is huge, and really nice. It’s location is delightful as if you choose to walk through the gates and up the hill just behind the Cathedral then you get a wonderful view. As expected there are stain glass windows, but personally I have never seen ones so big and so detailed before. It really is big, we wondered around, going downstairs in multiple sections, and all the way to the back! I would recommend a visit if you do go to Glasgow.

Next stop – The Peoples Palace and Botanical Gardens. At this point we were lacking a bit of energy, it was really really warm and we were getting hungry. We didn’t walk around the Peoples Palace, but from the outside it looks nice, it’s not huge and not what you expect if you have never seen it before. The Botanical Gardens aren’t big but are still nice for a little stroll around, both of these are free to walk around. We sat down at the cafe in the Botanical gardens and had a drink and a cake (white millionaire shortbread), it was really nice! I don’t know if it was so nice because we were getting hungry or because it really was nice. As standard I got another Irn Bru – because Irn Bru is my favourite! I can’t really say much about the Palace and Gardens but it was a nice little visit and you would need to get the bus there as it is out of town and at the back of a park.

The Peoples Palace

The final stop that we got off at was yet ANOTHER (yes another) shopping centre! The shops really do never seem to end in Glasgow and even now I’m still sure we haven’t seen all of them. One thing we did learn on the tour bus is that Glasgow is the second biggest shopping city from London (which would explain why it is so so big). This other shopping centre was only little and a bit random but it did mean we hadn’t spent the whole day sat on a bus. From here we choose to walk through town – mainly because last night the skirt I planned on wearing ripped and so I was one outfit down, therefore I needed to find something else to wear to dinner. We searched and searched through all the shops, I only wanted a simple black body-con skirt to go with my peplum top. This proved to be A LOT harder than it sounds, and we actually ended up walking all the way through town again, before I finally found a skirt in Primark. Primark was closer to our hotel than the nearest Sightseeing bus stop so we just walked back to the hotel. Hot, sticky, sweaty and tired but we made it back.

This time we flopped onto the huge bed, with the air con on and discussed our dinner options. Never have I been so thankful for a UK hotel to have air con and really big beds, because there is nothing worse when your hot than feeling someone else’s body heat radiate on to yourself. Honestly despite the decor of the hotel, and what many people have said on Trip Advisor we spent this holiday enjoying the big comfortable bed and abusing the air con.


Dinner tonight was at TGI Fridays – there is a review on Trip Advisor here. Our waitress was very funny, friendly and attentive. She was very helpful with our meal decisions, we opted for this new appetisers deal – where you can have as many appetisers as you want for £12.99. The first option for both of us was a Pulled Pork Sundae (we would both highly recommend trying), when we were finished the manager went to clear our plates and our waitress jokingly said to her “these customers are not happy that their sundaes did not have any ice cream in them”. We then tried other dishes as as our waitress said if we didn’t like anything we didn’t have to eat it and could order something else, though this never happened. We both enjoyed the option of having different appetisers as a main meal because it meant trying different foods.

With our dinner both of us had cocktails, I will always recommend having a Purple Rain (Havana Club 3 Year Old rum, blue curacao, SKYY vodka and Chambord with sweet & sour and a drizzle of grenadine) at TGI Fridays it is really nice and slightly sweet. Martin would recommend having the bubblegum daiquiri which comes with popping candy on the glass, again a sweet drink but not over the top sweet. Overall the meal, the drinks and our experience was really good and we would suggest a visit here for anyone else (all ages, families and couples are all welcome). For us a typical meal is around £20 for drinks and around £30 for food, this varies depending on how many people you go with and if you have a starter etc.

Purple Rain at TGI Friday’s

It had been a long day, with again a lot of walking and with all the walking catching up on us we decided to just jump the train back to the hotel and go to bed for the final time in Glasgow. A well needed rest for the long drive back home tomorrow.

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